Today was one of those scorching hot summer days in Melbourne. My friend and I initially wanted to go for a walk or hike up in the Mount Dandenong region before brunch, but even then the car ride up with the sun glaring through the window was a bit discouraging. As soon as we stepped out of the air conditioned car, it felt like jumping straight into the oven and we were standing in the shade. The walk was definitely out of the question as we slowly made our way into Kallista Tea Rooms, one of the nice little cafes nestled between the mountain highways.

2014-01-14 Kallista tea rooms (2b)

The first thing you’ll notice as you step inside Kallista Tea Rooms are the small little trinkets sprinkled all over the place. A suspended origami and paper flower pieces hanging from a branch, small vases of flowers neatly placed on each table and a display of small trinkets and teacups around the counter and display area.

2014-01-14 Kallista tea rooms (3)

2014-01-14 Kallista tea rooms (4ab)

These little treats will be a delight a for the kids. Who does not like a tim tam car or little marshmallow confectionery tea cups?

2014-01-14 Kallista tea rooms (6)Stacked sweet potato – baked sweet potato medallions stacked on charred corn & black bean salsa, finished with smashed avocado and capsicum coulis. $17.00

I was doing the vegan challenge during this period of time so I ordered this high carbohydrate vegan dish. Although the weather was hot outside and the last thing I should have ordered was a warm meal, I did and I have no regrets about it. The sweet potato medallions were cooked through, but still had a nice bite to it, while the black beans were very soft. The tart capsicum coulis mixed balanced the creaminess of the avocado out and despite its less beautiful appearance, it was a delight to the taste buds. Definitely not a dish to be judged on its presentation.

2014-01-14 Kallista tea rooms (7)Pancake stack with berry coulis and two extra scoops of ice cream $16 (+$2 +$2)

My friend though the pancake stack was quite average. It was very tough to cut into, and the texture was very chew and dough like. The ice cream helped saved it a bit, but otherwise a bit of  disappointment.

2014-01-14 Handorf Chocolates

After lunch we dropped by Handorf’s Chocolate for some iced coffee (chocolate?) and some chocolate treats. When ordering the drinks, the guy gave us the cocktail shaker containing the rest of the drink that would normally be thrown away. There was enough in there for another half glass. We ate ourselves sick that day, loaded on sugar and cream and milk. With the sun high in the midday sky  and not a cloud to be seen, there was nothing for us to do but relax and just enjoy the moment.

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