I was in need of find a new cafe to try out and a place where I could bring my friend out for lunch to take his mind off some personal matters. What other way to spend your last minute day off than with a friend and some good food, am I right? Earthy tones, warm lighting and the clean industrial like dining layout welcomes you right in despite the somewhat plain apartment like frontier. A place that I was initially drawn to what they had to offer did not disappoint to deliver their take to the classic breakfast and lunches.

2014-01-24 Little Chloe (3)

2014-01-24 Little Chloe (11)Quinoa salad: avocado, toasted pumpkin seeds, cherry tomato, spinach, and caramelised pineapple, haloumi and black sesame seed dressing $17.50

Light and refreshing was the best way to describe this salad. Satiating but not overfilling are two other words I would use. It is unfortunate though that from this I have come to realise that I’m not a fan of haloumi cheese (a personal preference mind you) and could have probably eaten the salad without it, which is what I did. Because of that though…I was still left feeling quite peckish, and you’ll soon see what I did afterwards.

2014-01-24 Little Chloe (13a)Big breakfast: chicken and corn sausage, fried eggs, grilled tomato, goat’s cheese, wilted spinach, avocado, potato rosti on sourdough toast. $18.50

No I did not order the big breakfast, this was my friend’s order. This tasty big breakfast was just what my friend needed after having just gone through a tough time, all he could come up was tasty and very tasty to describe the dish.

2014-01-24 Little Chloe (14)Duck confit and pulled pork salad: mango, wombok, rocket, cucumber, and pickle tossed in coconut and tamarind dressing, fried shallots, crushed peanuts and coriander. $19.00

If you guess that I ordered another salad then you were right. After being left feeling quite unsatisfied and somewhat still hungry after my first salad, i decided to order another dish from the menu. This duck and pork salad was much more like an Asian slaw than what I considered to be a salad. The flavour was delightful, except there was a bit too much of it. The salad was drenched in much too much dressing in such as way that I had move my salad all around to the edge of the plate to let it drain in the middle.

2014-01-24 Little Chloe (6)

What can I say? I am a sucker for a cafe that offers something a little different on their menu and Little Chloe with what they have on offer with their ever changing seasonal menu, will probably suck me in next time as well.

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