After a refreshing walk up and down 1000 steps and a nice little hike through the many trails up in the Dandenong Ranges, my friend and I could do with some good food in our systems. And since we were already up here why not stop by Pie in the Sky, classic Victorian styled restaurant featuring one of Melbourne’s best home made pies to boot. Winning themselves quite a few awards over the years for their classic meat pies, it was about time I went to see what all the fuss was about.2014-02-13 Pie in the Sky (3,4,6)

2014-02-13 Pie in the Sky (7a)Pumpkin pie with chips and salad

2014-02-13 Pie in the Sky (7b)

The pastry was very flaky which was good, but the bottom pastry was a bit too dry for my liking, possibly due to the type of filling I had (as opposed to meat which contains gravy to soften the pastry). The filling inside was a really nice pumpkin mash, but again a bit dry. It would be good to have some sort of sauce for the pumpkin pie even if it was a white/cream based one.

2014-02-13 Pie in the Sky (8)Cherry Pie

The cherry pie tart was very nice and despite the small size it was a hefty serving to share after already having a pie to ourselves each. My friend and I both struggled to finish it. It wasnt too sweet which was good. My only disappointment was that pie pastry tasted like the frozen pastry cases my parents used to order in from pastry companies while the cherry filling was either canned cherries (which isn’t exactly bad) or premix filling from pastry companies. Although overall a very tasty dessert, I think my expectations of what homemade was sat a bit too high.

2014-02-13 Pie in the Sky (2)
The place is nice and if I wasn’t on the vegan challenge I may have taken home a family meet pie to try out. Nothing substantially unique but the place is good for the ambience and feel. As for the food itself it was worth giving it fair go.

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