Situated just around the corner of Coles on Winter St, The Pour Kids is hidden away from the busy tram lined road of Glenferrie and rightly so. After all, if it was this busy hidden away, imagine the hustle during peak lunch hour. What appears to be a small cafe until you step inside, is a wonderfully designed open dining area that allows in a lot of natural light to illuminate the space. Being so close as it is from one of the places I’ve worked at, I’m surprised that I’ve never had the intention of coming here earlier.

2014-01-15 The Pour Kids (4)

2014-01-15 The Pour Kids (1,2.3)

The colourful seats were delightful to look at, while range of small and long long tables were available to cater for groups of all sizes.

2014-01-15 The Pour Kids (10)Duck for cover: Italian styled pork sausage, with burnt butter gnocchi, fried egg and swiss chard. $16.5

 Very rich and buttery, and filling. It doesn’t look like much, but the dish certainly aims to satisfy and satiate with their pillowy soft gnocchi. The greens add a refreshing touch and texture to the meal.

2014-01-15 The Pour Kids (9)Much Ado About Nothing: Taleggio and pine nut tart, with sauteed exotic mushrooms and loads of herbs. $16.5

I love mushrooms, so this cheesy, herby, mushroomy tart was just what the doctor ordered for a small but hearty lunch. Towards the end of it though, the cheese did become a bit too much and some extra salad would have been perfect to balance this strong flavoured dish out.

2014-01-15 The Pour Kids (11)Piggy in the Middle: Slow braised pork belly with tomato kasundi and mizuna leaves on ciabatta roll $11.0

 I’ve been noticing an increasing trend for pulled pork at cafe menus, and my friend who’s recently been obsessed with pulled pork dove straight into this sandwich. Although a little tough and chewy to her liking, the tomato flavours were just right.

The Pour Kids is definitely a comer backer kind of place.

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