Red Robyn is that kind of cafe that likes to stay on point with people’s developing dietary requirements. If you are look for a place that offers a nice selection meals that is allergy friendly, gluten free, vegetarian or even vegan then you’ve just got to check this place out. The menu is easy to read and transparent. Looking for a gluten free option or vegan option? Just check out the little key of symbols they have down at the bottom of their menu clipboards to make deciding what to have for breakfast or brunch easier. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you want to be sure that you’ve made the right decision, no?

  2014-02-21 Red Robyn (5)Mushroom toast on vegetable cornbread, baked mushrooms, feta, roquette and balsamic reduction + extra poached egg ($14.00 +$2.80)

You can never really go wrong with avocado and toast, but apparently you can with the mushrooms if they haven’t been seasoned quite right.

2014-02-21 Red Robyn (6)Veggie stack: sweet potato rosti, zucchini, eggplant, pumpkin, mushroom, balsamic reduction $16.8

I love the aroma and taste of roasted or grilled vegetables and this veggie stack did just the trick to satisfy my taste buds. It didn’t however suppress my appetite for more food, because a girl’s gotta eat and a stack of vegetables is no where near enough to fuel this girl’s body.

2014-02-21 Red Robyn (7)Berry breakfast parfait

Was it really any surprise that I ended up ordering another item off the menu? This time I went for something sweet to address my sweet tooth and got the breakfast parfait. I made the mistake of thinking that all the flowers (although maybe edible) would taste nice and got a nasty surprise from piece that had many peduncles or styles. The parfait itself was a good mix of not too sweet with some parts soft and other parts crunchy to keep those taste buds on their little fungiform toes.

2014-02-21 Red Robyn (2)

Interesting little collection of plush toys in the corner of the the room.

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