Now, I have never really eaten Indian food before so when I was told we were going to dine at an Indian restaurant, I couldn’t complain less. A friend from work suggested we go to Roti Boti, a fairly popular Indian resturant located in Brighton. She’d eaten there many times before and strongly recommend that I give them a try. I haven’t had the appetite to eat much recently and it was beginning to manifest physically as well, so I needed something rich and tasty to remind of the joy good food can bring when in the company of friends.

2014-01-08 Roti Boti (2)Kadhai Beef Pieces (Beef cooked in wok with onion, tomatoes, bell pepper, ginger, garlic, crushed coriander & other spices) $16.95

2014-01-08 Roti Boti (3)Dhingri Mutter (A mild mushroom & pea, fenugreek and onion sauce with a hint of tomato.) $12.95

2014-01-08 Roti Boti (4)Chicken Tikka masala (Chicken cooked in a creamy tomato sauce with a blend of spices & fresh garlic mixed with capsicum & onion) $18.95

2014-01-08 Roti Boti (5,6)

Check out our dinner spread. Everyone was taking happy food snaps at this point. Everything was so delicious. I had some basmati rice, but wasn’t a big fan of that so it was warm and soft naan bread all the way. I drowned that piece of bread with the dhingri mutter and was even eating the curry on its own by the forkful because it was so delightful. The service was friendly and our waiters were very accommodating when we asked for split bill to pay for dinner. This Indian dining experience has definitely help me pave new pathways for future Indian food experiences. Definitely worth checking this place out (or to come back even)

2014-01-08 Roti Boti (1)

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