If I had known how close this cafe was to the train station, I would have paid them a visit sooner. Once you hop off the platform from Armadale station walking up the ramps to the side street, Coin Laundry Cafe is literally sitting across the road from you. Talk about close! This conveniently located place is great for brunch or lunch after uni or in between classes and is less than a 5 minutes train ride from Caulfield station where Monash University is.

2014-03-05 Coin Laundry Cafe (1)

2014-03-05 Coin Laundry Cafe (4)Roasted Pumpkin, and beetroot salad, rocket, shaved fennel, green beans, (sans goats cheese) and pomegranate –  $18.5

Now I’m usually not a huge fan of pumpkin (unless it is pumpkin soup) but this roasted pumpkin salad was nothing short of amazing. And the beetroot, oh so sweet in their delightful little bite sized pieces. A very satisfying salad indeed even without the goats cheese. I’m not quite a bit fan of very salty cheeses such as haloumi or goats, so I’m glad I asked to have them exclude it. It would have otherwise somewhat ruin the salad for me.

2014-03-05 Coin Laundry Cafe (5)Quinoa tuna salad with spinach, asparagus, Spanish onion, roast peppers and feta. $18.50

My friend who is a bit fan of meat (tell me a guy who isn’t) had to order something a little different from the norm because of lent, so he opted for a quinoa and tuna salad. He had to eat more greens this day on this plate than he normally ever would. It was something very different for him and he thought it taste alright. Serving was massive and very filling. It took a while to finally munch on all the greens but he finally did it. A job well done.

2014-03-05 Coin Laundry Cafe (6)Herbed French Fries with tomato relish $7.50

With still a little bit of room left for some extra food, I decide to try their herbed french fries. They were very crispy and not completely soaked in oil which was a very good thing. The herbs added that extra little hint of flavour which makes it just a little tastier than the average French fry, however it was the tomato relish that did it for me. Tomato relish is the bomb of dipping sauces compared to classic tomato and I would smear that stuff of just about anything.

2014-03-05 Coin Laundry Cafe (7)

With such a picturesque set up, my friend thought we were on some movie set or country home magazine photo shoot. Coin Laundry Cafe just provides that welcoming atmosphere and chilled dining experience that can easily make you forget about the stresses of university life (or even working life). The little side roads that intersect at the cafe is completely lined with trees which hides it away from the busy main road nearby. I will definitely consider coming back here when in need of a bit of a retreat away from the world, just for a short while.

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