As the website will tell you as will many others, Bing Boy is a fairly new Urban Asian Street Food franchise that specialises in serving up these just right delectably sized omelette wraps (known as bing). But what exactly is bing? Well, think of your normal wheat wrap but instead of being made from wheat its primary ingredient is egg. Now imagine that wrap filled up with delicious Asian flavoured meats and filling combinations and you’ve got yourself a delicious Bing Boy. There are eight different flavours to choose from, each almost as appetizing as the next. It is convenient enough for you to eat on the go, satisfying enough to keep the hunger pangs away without making you bloated and cheap enough to order two if one, well, when is one of anything ever enough anyway.

2014-04-11 Bing boy (1)

I have been meaning to give this a try every since I heard of such a thing existed in the first place, but would have had to fly over to China to do so. You could imagine my delight when I found out that Bing Boy was open in Melbourne Central. I just had to have one. And still on the plant based wagon that I was on, it had to be vegetarian.

2014-04-11 Bing boy (2)

2014-04-11 Bing boy (3,4)

The way bing is made is very similar to the way those sweet crepes are made. You have your multiple hot plates, premade batter and lots of eggs on standby, selection of fillings ready to go and a number of staff dedicated to a stage of the bing making process until to you reach the person who finally wraps it up for you in paper serrated with lined dots to tear off as you go about eating your delicious egg wrap.

2014-04-11 Bing boy (5)Veg-ing Bing Boy wrap: mushroom, baby spinach, mixed salad, pickled carrots, avocado and wonton skin (sans Mayonnaise) $6.90

So what sauce did I have instead of the mayonnaise? You’ve guessed it, Bing Boy sauce! Although I haven’t tried it with mayonnaise, personally I think the Bing Boy sauce (which tastes awfully similar to a sweetened hoisin sauce) would have tasted better anyway.

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