BrimCC Organic Soup is just brimming with customers (pun intended) during peak lunch hour and for good reason too. This take away style little eatery is small, seats are limited and yet a line extends from the counter to the the door of people trying to get their BrimmCC fix. Food is cheap, balanced, convenient and most importantly damn tasty. The food looks appetizing without trying too hard to be artsy, but once you get a taste of it in your mouth everything begins to make sense. And you’ll wonder to yourself, so this is why people keep coming back.

2014-04-23 BrimCC Organic (1)

2014-04-23 BrimCC Organic (4)Yakitori don: traditionally cooked chicken on baby spinach and rice. $10.00

Portion sizes at this Japanese cafe were just right. According to my friend, the yakitori don was really tasty and comforting to eat. I had a try and thought the flavours were simply satisfying. The greens on the rice was almost exactly how I would prepare my rice and vegetables at home.

2014-04-23 BrimCC Organic (3b)Tokyo Bento: Tradition Japanese items (grilled eggplant, tofu, cherry tomatoes, carrot kinpira, potato salad and meatball) with three rice balls $12.00

This Tokyo bento was such a treat for the eyes and my taste buds. I’m the kind of person who eats and loves to experience many different flavours in one meal and this bento did just that. There was some mildly flavoured rice to balance everything out in contrast to the savoury meatball juices, the fresh cherry tomato and marinated tofu piece. Each component of the bento was flavoured differently each component either somewhat sweet or savoury and my tastebuds were getting hit in all the right places without being overloaded. The only thing that was missing from this delicious meal was probably some soup to go with it, given that it was quite a chilly day.

2014-04-23 BrimCC Organic (2)

I would love to come back here again if I was ever in the area but at dinner. Some of the dinner options looked quite appetizing and if I didn’t have to order from the lunch menu, I probably would have dove straight into the dinner selection to try the okonomiyaki or dinner curry set.

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