It looks like the ramen craze is finally hitting Melbourne as we’re getting more and more little Ramen restaurants popping up and sprinkling the little CBD lane ways of Melbourne. From the moment we heard that a new ramen joint had just opened, we got straight onto the band wagon and went to check the place out. Ever since watching Naruto the main protagonist from an anime eating ramen, I have always had a spot for this delightful Japanese noodle soup dish in my heart. And since I can’t just fly over to Japan to gouge myself with ramen, trying the ramen joints all over Melbourne will just have to do at this stage.

2014-04-11 Fukuryu Ramen (14)

2014-04-11 Fukuryu Ramen (4)

Such a drool worthy sight. Fukuryu ramen works like a production line in delivering their customers their food in a timely manner.

2014-04-11 Fukuryu Ramen (6,7)Ramen noodle salad (left): chilled ramen noodles, wombok with citrus miso dressing  and Fukuryu salad (right): cos greens, sesame-ginger dressing with crispy noodles $5.50 each

The goal when coming here with my friend was to try as many foods as we could fit into our selves. Both the salads were quite nice, but the dressing for the Fukuryu salad was much nicer than the ramen noodle salad. The crispy noodles made for quite a nice texture whereas the ramen noodle salad was overall a bit plain.

2014-04-11 Fukuryu Ramen (9)Signature Tonkatsu Ramen (regular size) $9.90

Thick and creamy mesh of flavours in this ramen was just about right and hit the spot on a cold and wet evening. The broth was rich and full of flavour, but not in the same way Little Ramen Bar does it. Having said that, it’s still not too bad. The noodles were a good thickness, soft and slightly chewy.

2014-04-11 Fukuryu Ramen (10)Tam Tam Ramen: spicy ramen with minced pork topping (regular size). $9.90

 I’m not a fan of anything far from a classic ramen flavour so this spicy ramen with mince pork was not to my liking.

2014-04-11 Fukuryu Ramen (12)Nori seasoned, fried tofu $4.90.

A spread of our Japanese ramen feast. The Nori season fried tofu was nothing to rave about. I was expecting a agedashi tofu like batter but with nori mixed into the batter, but I suppose that was too much to ask for a fast food like ramen joint.

2014-04-11 Fukuryu Ramen (2)

Look, a nice concept and fairly cheap eat, but if you want some really good ramen I would suggest you take a little stroll around the street down towards Little Bourke.

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