I have been on a long quest since before my foodie blogging journey to visit all of Melbourne’s most popular little cake shops. Today this journey took me to Le Petit Gateau a contemporary little French cake shop located just along Little Collins St in Melbourne. The store presents itself very cleanly with a minimalist glass cake display as part of their front shop design with no extra frills and excessive decoration. Le Petit Gateau offers its customers a limited but sufficient array of cakes to choose from and a small selection of pastries to have with some coffee or hot chocolate.

2014-04-23 Le Petite Gateau (2)

2014-04-23 Le Petite Gateau (5)Selection of pastries from Le Petite Gateau

2014-04-23 Le Petite Gateau (9b)Black Forest Chocolate Gateau $8.50

Cherry doused with alcohol with some chocolate ganache and a smooth creamy centre filled with more cherries? How can you every go wrong with that? This black forest gateau was probably one of my favourites simply because of the alcohol and chocolate. The sponge was heavier than I had expected (that is, more dense) which helps hold the shape, but I would have much preferred a slightly lighter sponge to keep this gateau sweet and refreshing.

2014-04-23 Le Petite Gateau (10)Monsieur Green Tea $8.50

Another good way to reach my sweet heart is to provide it when anything that is green tea. Green tea chocolate? Yes please. Green tea ice cream? Oh yes. Green tea gateau?Why are you in my mouth yet? This Green Tea mousse cake had all the potential to be something really, really wonderful but it wasn’t cold. The mousse was just the right balance between slightly bitter and sweet, but because of it’s creamy texture I had expected the cake to be stored in cooler conditions which would have made this cake even taste more wonderful. The raspberry mousse like centre was a wonderful surprise provided a nice sweetness in contrast to the green tea flavours.

2014-04-23 Le Petite Gateau (11)Brownie and Passionfruit chocolate gateau $8.50

2014-04-23 Le Petite Gateau (12)PBJ – Peanut Butter, Raspberry and Chocolate gateau $8.50

┬áBoth the passionfruit brownie and PBJ gateau had brownie bases that were similar but slightly different. The both sounded really good at the time before trying them but both although nice just didn’t quite hit the sweet spot for me. The passionfruit jelly was nice so was the chocolate ganache. In fact, most of the components eaten separately were quite lovely, but put all together just was missing a bit of something. I dub the brownie base as the part that was my least favourite.

2014-04-23 Le Petite Gateau (13b)

Initially my plan was to order a flat white to go with the cakes so I would have something to wash the sweetness away in between tasting each one, but when I saw that dark hot chocolate with Baileys was on offer, my initial plans for something simple flew out the window. So here we have, after a satisfying lunch earlier on, a cake spread aimed to overload your sweet circuits. I must admit, it sounded like a good idea at the time. I was a bit high for a while after that and it was quite amusing for my friend.

2014-04-23 Le Petite Gateau (1a)

If you have a major sweet tooth like I do, then put this on your to go to list. Just don’t do what I did there, or if you are planning to have a sweet tasting selection, bring more friends with you.

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