After a glorius 5.5km run for the Run for the Kids event and a free 5 minute massage, my friend and I were just about ready for some good breakfast and coffee. Taking a different turn from our normal choice of cafes, we decided it’d be good to change things up a bit with some crepes. Why not? Roule Galette is one of those places you sort of have to look for. Hidden away somewhere on the side of one of Melbourne’s many alleyways, the little French eatery is located in a quiet sidewalk away from cars and traffic.

2014-04-13 Roule Galette (1) - Copy

Just check out how nice and peaceful it all looks. Ahh…Sunday mornings in the city.

2014-04-13 Roule Galette (6)Oceane: Smoked salmon and fresh yoghurt sauce with lemon and cheese. $13.00

The crepes really did hit the spot for my friend. It was really tasty, satisfying and not overkill at all. I have long thrown away my presumptions of eating crepes ever since visiting Creperie le Triskel much earlier on in the year. I discovered that you can have your crepes and keep your waistline too especially when they are served in just right portions and leave you feeling satisfied, not hungry but not stuffed either.

2014-04-13 Roule Galette (5)Popeye: Bechemel with Emmental cheese, fresh mushrooms and spinach. $10.00

Whenever I think of a savoury crepe my mind just thinks of spinach, mushrooms and cheese. It was to no one’s surprise that I got the Popeye and devoured that little crepe like a beast. A cute beast. I ordered a flat white to go with it as well since I haven’t had anything to eat all morning since the run apart from the crepe and needed that little extra pick me up. I had only just done another fun run the night before and did not have time to get much sleep at all.

2014-04-13 Roule Galette (3)

What can I say, but cute French waiters and staff are also a plus in my books as well. The place is quite small and cosy, so if you ever intend on dropping by in large groups (i.e. 5-8 people) it might be difficult to seat you all especially if they’re quite busy. However above all else, it was a nice little get away for a little piece of France if you want to escape from the busy world for just a tiny bit and pretend that your on a vacation in Paris.
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