Having heard of many good things about Fat Bobs from my own brother and some mates, it was time I paid the burgers and beer joint a visit. From the outside, the only thing indicating that such a place even exists is a fairly large sign pointing towards a garage door entrance decorated with a couple of neon lit signs. Hidden away between all the factories and sheds in the area, you’d be forgiven to easily overlook Fat Bobs if it weren’t for the line up of cars outside the entrance.

2014-05-30 Fat Bobs (2)

Once inside though, and I mean once you’re really inside the place you’d begin to wonder if you haven’t accidentally boarded the plane and are now in the US. Well perhaps not to that extreme but the place certainly made me feel like an Australian tourist in an American burger joint perhaps somewhere down in Texas or sumthin’. Vintage bicycles and old sign boards suspended from the ceiling and wall to wall, the place is just lit up like a neon wonderland. Neon eye candy.

2014-05-30 Fat Bobs (3-5)

Dining at Fat Bobs, the waiter will seat you at a table but to order you must do so from the counter. When I heard that Fat Bob’s had zucchini fries on the menu, I homed in on that piece of information like a hawk. No matter what it was we were going to have, I just had to have those fries and they did not disappoint one bit.

2014-05-30 Fat Bobs (7)Gourmet zucchini chips & mayo $7.00

These zucchini fries were amazing. So crispy and soft, these fries were covered in a light batter and had enough flavour on their own to not even need sauce. But I am a saucy girl and I love my mayonnaise (preferabley Japanese) and sweet and sour condiments. It makes me salivate as I’m typing this out. It makes me want to buy a deep fryer and make chips out of every vegetable as well (but lets not get to excited here).

2014-05-30 Fat Bobs (8a)Fat Bob : 180g grass-fed beef pattie, beetroot, tomato, spanish onion, tasty cheese, bacon, pineapple, egg, cos & tomato sauce. $17.00

2014-05-30 Fat Bobs (8b)

Another item we had to try was Fat Bob’s, most gourmet with the lot kind of burger… the Fat Bob. A massive burger for those with massive appetites, my friend and I shared this along with a Junior simplex burger which is like a gourmet cheeseburger. The Fat Bob was delicious, although almost physically impossible to eat due to its size. I love my beetroot, pineapple, eggs and the extra little things you can have with a burger so this was just perfect. The only thing missing was perhaps some caramelized onions.

2014-05-30 Fat Bobs (10a)Junior Simplex: 90g grass-fed beef pattie with cheese & tomato sauce. $7.00

At Fat Bobs if you have a decent appetite then a regular burger from the menu will be enough to satisfy you. Only tackle the Fat Bob if you are quite hungry. I’m glad my friend and I decided to share all the food between the two of us and even although It doesn’t seem like too much food, it’s really quite filling.

This burger joint is a great find and I will be definitely looking forward to coming back here again to try some of their other burgers like the Jackie’O which made top 10 of the best burgers in Melbourne.

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