Looking for some man food and something that sort of resembles an all American style BBQ rib dinner with plenty of meat? Then look no further than Ribs & Burgers. Popular for their mouthwatering ribs, generous portions and more than satisfying burgers, Ribs & Burgers do well to ensure all customers are catered for with even a small selection of salads to have on the side if you wanted some vegetables for dinner. Due to its popularity, Ribs and Burgers have opened a new store up in Hawthorn but with the busy traffic during peak hour, my friend and I decided to pay the one in Northcote a visit instead.

2014-05-08 Ribs & Burgers (1)

2014-05-08 Ribs & Burgers (7)Best of Both: Pork ribs with chips and chicken mini burgers $25.00

The rack of ribs were smaller than I had pictured but my goodness was it good. I think perhaps next time it’d be a good idea just to order the ribs on their own instead. Who wants to fill up on a burger when you have some tender juicy marinated BBQ grilled meat hanging off the bone. The mini chicken sliders were quite nice as well but the chicken piece in the middle was much too big for my liking. I actually just ended up eating everything but the chicken.

2014-05-08 Ribs & Burgers (9)Wagyu Beef burger with baby cos, tomato, Spanish onion, dill pickles, crispy onion rings topped with pink and BBQ sauce $18.00

There is just that slightly extra bit of juiciness when you bite into anything wagyu and this is what we got when we ordered the Wagyu steak. As with most what I consider to be gourmet burgers, a beef burger is much too large for me to handle on my own (well one of this calibre anyway) so we split the burger in half and it was a very good call. I can eat a lot of food given the type of food it is, but when it comes to anything to do with meat I just find it really difficult to digest and so often or not, I am in need of a fellow meat eating companion to cushion the impact a little. The pickles, sauce and onion rings were all a fine addition to the burger.

2014-05-08 Ribs & Burgers (10)Cabbage salad: white and red cabbage, chopped apple, roasted pine nuts, fresh mint and parsley, olive oil and lemon juice $6.00

This cabagge salad was very tasty, the dressing not too overpowering and the nuts and apple gave it quite a nice contrast to flavours. The acidity from the apples and lemon juice cut the olive oil quite nicely and the pine nuts made the salad fun to eat. I devoured most of this with pleasure and couldn’t help but add this to the burger and every mouthful of anything I had.

2014-05-08 Ribs & Burgers (11)Onion rings $5.00

Not entirely what I had expected when thinking of onion rings (I had in mind these thickly battered, crispy onion rings), but nonetheless something different and not bad at all. These lightly battered onion rings were soft and delicious. You can actually taste the onion, since it has not been lost in batter. It wasn’t as crunchy as I had expected but none the less very nice still.

2014-05-08 Ribs & Burgers (3)

I was trying to get a quick picture in unnoticed, but obviously failed as you can see here.

It was an interesting experience dining at Ribs and Burgers. The staff were friendly and service was on point. Seating and atmosphere is just really something else. It was overall something very different to what I’m used to and dining here has certainly gotten me quite interested in checking out more burger and rib joints now that I’ve had a taste of what to expect from it all.
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