I am one who regularly shows up to places on a recommendation basis. After hearing a few good things about the amazing meatballs served at this restaurant, it was time for me and the boy to pay Meatball & Wine Bar a visit, my treat. The only downside to the night was that I had chosen to go on a public holiday which incurred a 15% surcharge to the food bill and that I was terribly sick. Okay so maybe it was two. By the end of the night I was almost ready to freeze to death and pass out in the car. But enough of me and more about the balls.

2014-06-09 Meatball and Wine Bar (1)

The meatballs weren’t exactly cheap but you you are given enough to be satisfied with your what you paid for. I was afraid that three meatballs would not be enough to satisfy my appetite, but they were just right. And if by any chance you were still feeling peckish afterwards, there are some sides to add to the order and even dessert to try. They apparently do a mean ice cream sandwich but being sick as I was, I was struggling to finish everything off my plate. And although the ice cream sandwich would have been a lovely finish to the dinner off. The idea of anything diary was not appealing at all to me at that moment. And this is coming from someone who is almost obsessed with sweets. You know it’s the real deal when I’m turning down desserts.

2014-06-09 Meatball and Wine Bar (4a)Special of the day: mushroom and veal meatballs with mushroom and sage burnt butter sauce on truffle polenta. $24.00

I ordered the special of the day and it was really nice, except that there was too much butter for my personal liking. Again the dairy…but I was trying to try something new. My friend who had never had polenta before loved it and dove right in after I couldn’t haven anymore. We were basically just eating off eat others plates at that point, me more from his and him more from mine. We may as well have swapped plates.

2014-06-09 Meatball and Wine Bar (5b)Chicken meatballs with red sauce on pasta $21.00

I partcularly liked the tomato based sauce better and I’m a sucker for homemade pasta so that didn’t help very much. The Special of the Day was nice, but when you are confronted with the types of flavours you tend to favour, it’s often a little difficult to be a little objective when tasting. Though when is tasting anything ever objective in the first place you ask? Almost never, but I do try my best.

2014-06-09 Meatball and Wine Bar (3)

Overall a lovely night, a wonderful warm and somewhat romantic atmosphere with the low lighting and candles. I would recommend making a booking if you were to come here because into the the night, this place does get quite busy and the last thing you want to do on a dark winter night is wait outside in the freezing cold. Worth a visit.

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