I had just finished my last exam and my friend suggested we go eat and hang out to celebrate. Knowing that I needed to satisfy my foodie cravings while being considerate of the boy’s animal protein needs while also trying to make it in time for a drive-in movie session at 7pm, I decided to choose a place close by. Who would have thought that all this time there was an awesome KBBQ place just around the corner. Mrs Kim’s Grill now opened for just about 8-9months now is a family owned restaurant that has been garnering the attention of fellow KBBQ enthusiasts. Now just to be clear, I’m wouldn’t exactly consider myself an KBBQ enthusiast, however I do appreciate a well marinated piece of grilled meat especially when there are value sets on offer.

2014-06-24 Mrs Kim's Grill (1)

2014-06-24 Mrs Kim's Grill (2, 3, 5)

My friend and I arrived just around opening time and were greeted by a very polite waiter. He helped us with the ordering and was more than happy to answer any questions we had in detail. We decided to order the chicken set with Ssam vegetables (greens, carrots, cucumber & lettuce) and ended up receiving some complimentary beef on the house when my friend asked if there were split meat sets. The waiter informed that if it’s something that was noted during the time of booking, then something could be arranged once it was run across with the chef. It wasn’t something that had been previously brought up before since most people tend to order more than one set if they wanted more than one type of meat.

2014-06-24 Mrs Kim's Grill (4)Cluck Cluck Set $39.00 (for two)

Not longer after this, the waiter came out with 200g of beef on the house for us to try, because it was out first experience here and they wanted to work something out for us.  I had not expect this at all, so it was a pleasant surprise. My friend was estatic and said that it must’ve been because they knew I was a blogger (heh). With just one set to share between two, it was just right. Having the extra beef pushed the boundaries of my stomach a little. The marinated meat was delicious and flavoursome.

2014-06-24 Mrs Kim's Grill (6,7)

 The Cluck Cluck set comes with complimentary side dishes, a choice of salad, butter and garlic potatoes and corn, soup of the day and rice for two. I was afraid the potato and corn would make the meal too filling but they were minature in portion and worked well with the entire meal.

2014-06-24 Mrs Kim's Grill (8)

You can see the extra beef being cooked here.

2014-06-24 Mrs Kim's Grill (9)

Between the two of us, I reckon we did a pretty good job at polishing everything up. I had a fantastic experience here. The service was great. Our waiter was patient, informative and very polite. The boy had a great time. We were both very satisfied and full. Considering everything was only $39.00, it was great value. Mrs Kim’s Grill certainly warrants another visit when the KBBQ cravings are in play.

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