It would be safe to say that ChangGo serves up a pretty mean KBBQ, one of the best I’ve had in Melbourne thus far in fact. Known for it’s signature 8 marinated pieces of Pork Belly in it’s BBQ Pork set serving enough to feed to 2-3 people. ChangGo opens at 5:30pm 7 days a week for dinner only with no booking system other than to line up and wait. You know you can look forward to a good feed when there are groups of people lining up outside waiting to be seated.

2014-07-10 ChangGo (1)

You can expect a busy line up during peak dinner hours on almost any night.

2014-07-10 ChangGo (2, 3, 4)

The wooden serving platter is nailed to the board so you can see what to expect when ordering the 8 different marinated pieces of pork belly. A sheet of paper and pen is on the noticeboard for you to list your names in order or arrival and take a number while waiting to be seated.

2014-07-10 ChangGo (5,6)

The grill is placed on an angle so all the oil and fat can drain into the metal container. First up on the grill are some vegetables.

2014-07-10 ChangGo (7)

In all honesty after the first few pieces go on the grill, if becomes quite difficult to discern between the different marinades except for when it comes to the most obvious ones like garlic or curry.

2014-07-10 ChangGo (8)

Between two people, this BBQ Pork set was just too much. We didn’t get around to touching the last two pieces of pork belly or any of the kimchi soup at all and at that point I was in pain. My stomach was hurting from the amount of food and the amount of fat which I wasn’t used to having in one meal. I eat a mainly vegetarian at home, just so you have an idea. After the meal we sat for a good 15mins mainly for me because I was feeling really sick at that point. The selection of banchan was really nice though, something new to me was the spring onion so that added a twist to things.

2014-07-10 ChangGo (9)Palsaik (& colourful flavours pork) Set $58.80.  Flavours are from left to right: red pepper paste, miso paste, curry, herb, garlic, ginseng, original and wine.

2014-07-10 ChangGo (10)Seafood pancake $14.00

I was in love with this pancake. So crispy and delicious, the seafood pancake was great when you have it with the sweet but savoury dipping sauce and some of the banchan.

2014-07-10 ChangGo (11,12)

2014-08-14 ChangGoHere we ChangGo again, a table spread shot of our dining experience the second time round.

Edit (17/08/2014): Now having since gone back a second time though, I would have to say that my second experience was much better because one: we arrived at opening time so there was no waiting, two: we had three people in total to take on the BBQ Pork Set, three: because of that I didn’t have to take on as much meat as the first visit so didn’t make myself sick and four: we actually had the change to make use of the unlimited banchan since we actually had the stomach to do so. Definitely a much better experience when dining in larger groups at least three or more people. If you’re going as only one person or two people, just stick to the normal items on the menu. Stay away from the BBQ sets unless you either have a massive appetite or are a body builder/athlete.

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