After a long day at the Cathedral Ranges hiking through the crazy mountain trails the boy and I worked up quite the appetite on the 2 hour drive back to Melbourne. Initially we were going to try our luck at the Moroccan Soup Bar but there wasn’t any tables until 8:30pm and neither of us could wait that long. On the way there though we did walk past Horn Please and it looked like an interesting place to check out. With no luck at the Moroccan Soup Bar, we turned around and hoped for better at Horn Please. We were welcomed inside the warm restaurant with open arms (almost) and guided to our tables, not far from an open gas fire. It was so cold outside that the welcoming warm glow of the venue with the heat radiating from the fireplace and the candles was just heaven.

2014-06-27 Horn Please (3)The menu is only one page but with sufficient options to choose from. With up to four interesting curries to choose from I just felt completely spoilt for choice.

2014-06-27 Horn Please (5)Anjeer Kofta: Fig, pomengranate & cashew nut kofta curry. $16.00 Gluten free.

On recommendation from the waiter I chose thise fig and pomengranate kofta which was surprisingly really good. I was a bit skeptically at how the texture of the pomegranate would work in the curry but it wasn’t that noticeable. You could definitely feel the texture but it didn’t take away from the curry, which I tend to prefer have soft, creamy and mild. It was not spicy at all and was really easy to eat. Flavours were well balanced and perfect with some garlic naan bread.

2014-06-27 Horn Please (4)Lamb Rogan Josh: Kyneton lamb cooked with fennel seed, cardamon, bay leaves, &  cloves. $18.00. Gluten free

The boy decided to go for the lamb which tasted very similar to a Vietnamese braise beef dish. Although the curries at Horn Please are very toned down in the spices department, the boy still found the lamb curry to be too spicy for his liking. In the end he struggled to finish it and breaking a sweat with each spoonful. Poor guy, I tried to help but I have an aversion to all things meat (most of the time).

2014-06-27 Horn Please (6)

Delicious garlic naan bread. This stuff wins over the plain version anytime, any day. I don’t care how rich the curry is, garlic naan all the way.

2014-06-27 Horn Please (7)

And of course I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the table spread with food.

2014-06-27 Horn Please (8,9)Homemade cinnamon, clove and honey Kulfi ice cream $6.00 and The Sweet Maker’s Favourite Gulab Jamun (Indian donuts in sweet syrup) $6.00

Although the curries were both very filling, and more than a satisfying feed. I couldn’t help but check out the dessert menu and found myself ordering one each of the desserts they had on offer before having a chance to think whether or not it was a good idea. Thankfully the desserts were small in size. The portions were perfect for sampling and to share between the two of us. You could definitely taste the spices infused with the ice cream while the donuts although a little sweet were great once scooped out of the syrup. I reckon the donuts tasted better with a small spoonful of ice cream instead.

2014-06-27 Horn Please (10)

A lovely place to dine at. Staff were friendly and very helpful when it came to ordering for those who are unfamiliar with ordering Indian food (us). It was cosy, warm and inviting. A little more pricey for Indian food you normally get at your local restaurant in the South Eastern suburbs but it definitely does well to hold its ground by offering it’s patrons with more unique selection of curries to choose from. Great for the beginner curry eater may not quite yet handle the full force of spiciness that Indian curry is typically characterized by.

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