How in all my years of studying in the city did I miss this place? Mr Tulk as I would have you believe is located just next to the Victorian State Library on La Trobe St, where during my Melbourne Uni years is near the stop where I took the tram to and from university nearly every day. The fact that I had never ventured beyond the tram stop in this direction to check our this cafe still baffles me to this day.  Well its better late than never (when I’m no longer anywhere near the CBD these days), to finally give this place a shot.

2014-07-08 Mr Tulk (4)Sauteed mushrooms with polenta and poached egg + spinach $16.00 + $4.00

If there is anything with mushrooms on the menu, you know I would always be drawn to that first. These sauteed mushrooms were delicious, the polenta provided the perfect base to soak up all the juices from the mushrooms and the egg yolk, while a bit of extra spinach on the side always helps to get some of your greens in. Very satisfying.

2014-07-08 Mr Tulk (5)Chicken, lemon mayo, spring onion, soft herbs and lettuce baguette $10.00 + Cappuccino $4.00

If you’re not up for a full meal, then a pre-made baguette from the counter to either have on the go or to eat in are available to choose from as well. The bread was thick and had a nice tough crust in contrast to the crispy lettuce and soft chicken and mayonnaise filling.

2014-07-08 Mr Tulk (2)

The interior is clean, spacious and is lit up with plenty of natural light during the day.

2014-07-08 Mr Tulk (6,7)A selection of scrumptious cakes from the counter.

I fell victim to the flourless pear when I suddenly found myself with an undeniable urge to try it. And it did not disappoint. Not too sweet due to the it’s nuttier flavour (like with most flourless cakes), the caramelized pear adds a nice finish to the cake. Mr Tulk is certainly a very pleasant surprise of a discovery, why I never came here sooner I will never know.

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