Set in a prime location on the main street near the beach, staffed with friendly people and offering a large enough variety of mouth watering eats, Main Street is doing it right when it comes to keeping their customers happy because this place is always packed during lunch time. Working just about across the road from the cafe, my colleague and I moved smoothly over to the venue when we realised that all this time we never really eaten there before.

2014-07-14 Main Street (3,4)Spring rolls: confit pork, wombok, rice noodles, ginger with apple and chilli plum dipping sauce, 2 for $7.00 and mini chips $4.50 extra from the B.R.A.T.

 We decided to start off with something small and my eye immediately was drawn to the spring roll. It was crisp, delicious and the dipping sauce was especially tasty. Should have kept it for the chips instead of dipping them in aoili.

2014-07-14 Main Street (5)Dr Smooth’s Pancakes: house made chocolate chip pancakes with vanilla ice-cream and honey comb. $15.00

I had already had something to eat before hand so was looking for something that was more like a dessert and homed in on these pancakes. The pancakes were a little tough for some reason, but the ice cream, chocolate and honey comb made for a great combination. My sweet tooth was certainly satisfied.

2014-07-14 Main Street (6)The B.R.A.T.: crispy bacon, rocket, avocado, tomato and aoili on toasted Turkish bread $12.50 with mini chips $4.50 extra

My colleague opted for a sandwich and found it to be alright. Nothing extraordinary here unfortunately. The accompanying chips however were fried to perfection. They were crisp, light and salted just right.

2014-07-14 Main Street (2)

The spring rolls and chips were the highlight of the lunch followed by pancakes because honestly who can say no to a short stack with ice cream. The staff were really friendly and the atmosphere at Main Street really draws you in. We managed to have a sneak peak at the desserts while making our way to pay at the counter and what can I say except that we’ll definitely be coming back, if at least to gorge ourselves with some sweets. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the opportunity to take a picture of their selection at the counter which changes on a regular basis so I guess you’d have to find out for yourselves.

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