I recently received an email from David Chen, the man who brought you Melbourne’s first ramen burgers to dine at Shizuku Ramen as a guest. The modern Japanese restaurant with is dark tinted windows and its sleek design is located in the heart of Richmond on Victoria, a very busy narrow street almost always lined up with cars, trams and people on the sidewalk deciding where they want to go to eat. Given all the options available for your average person, it is no wonder that restaurants like Shizuku Ramen need to work extra hard to set itself apart from its competitors.

2014-07-20 Shizuku Ramen (1)

2014-07-20 Shizuku Ramen (5,6)

Some complimentary popcorn is given to you while waiting for the food to be served.

2014-07-20 Shizuku Ramen (7)Spicy miso ramen: miso ramen with homemade chilli paste, marinated cha shu pork belly

The homemade chilli paste is served in the spoon, so you have to mix it in the broth before eating it. My mum loves her spices and found the paste not that spicy at all. The overall verdict from her end was that the ramen was tasty enough, but there was nothing spectacular about it.

2014-07-20 Shizuku Ramen (8a)Hokkaido Miso Ramen:original Hokkaido organic red & white coarse miso, cha shu, corn, butter (omitted), sprouts, egg

The rich flavoursome broth from the Hokkaido Miso Ramen on the other really hit the spot for me. I’m glad that I asked for the butter to be omitted, otherwise the dish would have been too rich. The Hokkaido ramen overall was much tastier than the spicy ramen one, and had many more components to the meal which made it much more enjoyable and satisfying to eat.

2014-07-20 Shizuku Ramen (9a)Soft shell crab tempura:purple onions, salt and sansho pepper, garlic, negi, togarashi.

Before we ordered the ramen, we asked to try the soft shell crab tempura which ended up being served up after we were half way through our ramen bowls. The the idea of soft shell crab sounded amazing and had the potential to be but what I found lacking from this dish was something pickled to balance out the flavours. The seasoning for the tempura was much too salty and there was nothing we could use (not even our ramen broths) except for water to dilute the punch of sodium to our faces.

2014-07-20 Shizuku Ramen (9b)

Overall, the ramen served here is definitely a must try (just maybe not the spicy one) but even more so if I ever have the chance to grace Victoria St in Richmond again, I would opt to try the ramen burger that Shizuku Ramen is primarily known for. Verdict? Would go for round two.

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