Big Boy BBQ is one of those places that has been on my wishlist for the longest time. Since transitioning to a more plant based way of eating , it has been increasingly difficult for me to get around to visiting restaurants that serve primarily meat, but I do it because I want to at least try it once. Sometimes how I eat at home and what I want to eat when dining out conflicts with the food choices I make. However, this post is not my eating habits. It is about Big Boy BBQ, an American themed fast food joint that aims to provide us Aussies with an all American dining with large servings to boot.

2014-09-09 Big Boy BBQ (2)

2014-09-09 Big Boy BBQ (3b,5)

The couch seats are comfortable, but the weird stains and sticky patches makes you question how hygienic they were. I found myself washing my hands just before our meal arrived and resting my hands on the table for the rest of the night. Looks like for once, maybe hard seats would have been a better option.

2014-09-09 Big Boy BBQ (4)

Big Boy BBQ serves up a range of sauces for you to choose from. From their signature Kansas BBQ sauce to your class BBQ glze, spicy BBQ, tabasco, Heinz tomato sauce and vinegar for something a little different. There was nothing particularly outstanding about the sauces themselves, but my favourite would be the Kansas BBQ sauce as it had a nice sweetness to it.

2014-09-09 Big Boy BBQ (7)1/2 rack BBQ glazed lamb ribs $25.00

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I read BBQ glazed lamb, but I certainly did not have this in mind. The lambs ribs were just drenched in the BBQ sauce, my friend and I had to literally wipe most of it off with the edible white sponge…I mean bread. I tried a piece and found it too overpowering and too tough. The expression I had on my face from eating one piece just said it all. I looked at my friend with a look that indicated,  you can have the rest of it.

2014-09-09 Big Boy BBQ (6)Onion strings, crispy fried $4.95

These onion crisps were fun and interesting to eat. The thicker pieces were really nice, especially the thicker more chunkier pieces. The smaller pieces tasted like fried batter though.

2014-09-09 Big Boy BBQ (8a)1/2 rack Kansas styled spice rubbed pork $29.00

After the BBQ glazed lamb ribs I was a bit hesitate to try the spice rubbed pork ribs. However, the pork ribs were surprisingly really good. Well marinated meat with an adequate amount of BBQ sauce drizzled on top just kept all the smoky, savoury goodness in balance. The only qualms I had about the pork ribs were that these particular ribs were either a bit more tender or fatty than usual.

We ordered the mild jalapeno cheese sauce to try as well, because it sounded promising but to my disappointment, the creamy sauce was almost flavourless.

2014-09-09 Big Boy BBQ (8b,9) 2014-09-09 Big Boy BBQ (10)

Our very good attempt at clearing the trays.

2014-09-09 Big Boy BBQ (11)Peanut butter cream pie with chocolate ganache $6.50

Now this was something I was looking forward to all night and yet again I was disappointed.The peanut butter cream pie was literally just that, peanut butter flavoured butter cream. Its similar to your mousse cakes but much worst, because its made of whipped butter and not whipped cream. We knew something was not right we had our first bite, something was wrong. Something tasted terribly wrong and it wasn’t until I figured out that the majority of the pie was made of butter cream, that I realised why.

Big Boy BBQ was a bit of a hit and miss for me in general. If I were to ever come back, it would probably only be for the Kansas City style spice rubbed pork…otherwise…no, just no. Just thinking about the butter cream pie on its own is enough to send shivers down the back of my spine.

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