Guzman Y Gomez is set up like a Mexican fast food chain restaurant that aims to serve up a hearty selection of Mexican goodness for the hungry, tired and…did I mention hungry? I’ll be completely honest though. I was a little bit skeptical about the quality of the food. In particular how the beans and rice are cooked. I have a terrified of hard beans and rice. It is not secret then that I’m not the greatest fan of basmatic rice. I love my soft fluffy rice thanks. But I wanted to give Mexican food a try and Guzman Y Gomez the benefit of the doubt. And I good thing I did too.

2014-08-28 Guzman Y Gomez (2,3)

2014-08-28 Guzman Y Gomez (5)

After placing our orders at the counter, we were given a number and told to find ourselves a place to sit. While waiting for the food to be served, you can help yourselves to a range of condiments and some extra sides.

2014-08-28 Guzman Y Gomez (6)Barramundi quesadilla barramundi 2 for $8.50

The quesadilla was crispy, hot and cheesy. Almost drowning out the barramundi but not so much that it could still be considered as good.

2014-08-28 Guzman Y Gomez (7)Spicy Chicken Guerrero burrito $10.90

After I kindly interrupted Le Boy’s mate for a photo of his burrito, he continued to happily dig in. When I asked for his verdict, he said it was good. Enough said.

2014-08-28 Guzman Y Gomez (8)Farm fresh vegetable quesadillas 2 for $8.50

I decided to go veg and ordered the vegetable quesadillas. They were smaller than expected but quite tasty. Nothing I couldn’t really replicate at home though. On its own, the quesadillas were certainly not enough to satiate my hunger (they are more like snack food) and so I made my way across to Le Boy’s echilada.

2014-08-28 Guzman Y Gomez (9)Beef Guerrero echilada $14.90

He was certainly not going to finish this on his own (if he didn’t have to) and I was more than happy to provide him with a helping hand mouth. The echilada surprisingly really good. The beef was really soft and tender that pieces just pulled themselves away from each other. Mixed that with the incredibly soft rice and beans (my fears were for nought), everything melded together really nicely. Certainly the highlight and star for the night.

Definitely drop by if you get a craving for some good value hearty Mexican food. Although they do serve tacos as well, I’ll probably be mainly sticking to either burritos or the echilada next time.

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