I could tell as I made way up to Victoria St, Richmond that the traffic wasn’t going to be pleasant. Driving up during peak work or lunch hours is never the ideal, but it was the fastest way I’d be able to get there from uni. Luckily I managed to find parking just around the corner of Little Big Sugar Salt (LBSS). There was nothing particularly fancy about the cafe and to be honest if it wasn’t for the neon lit LBSS just above the threshold and the fact that Google maps indicated that I was standing one shop away from the place, I would have probably missed it.

2014-09-24 Little Big Sugar Salt (2a,4,5,9)

Upon entering J and I were greeted by a couple of gentlemenly staff and escorted to a shared table. I have no qualms with shared tables, they are spacy and often have cool little vases with flavours or plants placed in the middle of them.On the inside LBSS is a an old building that used to be a take away store, stripped of its unnecessary bits and simply refurbished with wooden tables and metal stools and chairs. It’s dining area is divided among the little rooms along the hallway.

No coffee today. I was quite famished and was in need of some good food, particularly something sweet. Little Big Sugar Salt’s concept is cafe dining built around your personal tastes. Their menu is small with simple options categorized by something little or big (serving size) and sweet or salty (hence the name).

2014-09-24 Little Big Sugar Salt (6a)

2014-09-24 Little Big Sugar Salt (6b)Guilt Free Hot Mess: Blueberry and ginger pancakes with coconut vanilla whip, lemon, honey and fresh strawberries and blueberries $18.00

When my pancakes arrived, I was excited at the prospect of how it would all taste and at the same knew that this wasn’t going to be enough for lunch. I demolished my pancakes quite quickly before J was halfway through his plate and was ready to order another dish from the menu. I’ll describe the pancakes to you before I move on though. The pancakes were, for once, very fluffy and soft. Each bite was like biting down into a soft sweet pillow of goodness sprinkled with little bits of blueberry and dried fruit. A bite of that with some of the coconut whip on top almost made me order a second serving of the same dish.

2014-09-24 Little Big Sugar Salt (7)This One, Please: Sticky Kumara (sweet potato) on top of cashew cream, served with kimchi, cavala nero and two poached eggs $17.00

J’s dish looked a lot more substantial than mine. I kept staring at the sweet potato chips until he offered for me to try some. It must’ve looked quite obvious. The sweet potato chips were just how I would like them and the cashew cream was a nice creamy compliment to the overall dish. The kimchi wasn’t quite tasting like your traditional Korean kimchi, but added some zing to the overall dish. J didn’t enjoy the meal as much as he would have liked, while I thought the meal had a lot of potential to it.

2014-09-24 Little Big Sugar Salt (8a,2)2014-09-24 Little Big Sugar Salt (8b)Cacao Pops with vanilla coyo (coconut yoghurt), fresh strawberries, blueberries and almond milk $14.00

Since the pancakes were in no way filling enough for me, I decided to order another meal and went for the Cacao pops. I was almost very tempted to order a green salad. Now this is where things for me didn’t go too well. Up until this point I had not issues with service. The boys were friendly, helpful and in most circumstances gave us plenty of space to chat without feeling the pressure of need to hurry our meals. However, my case after making my intentions quite clear that I wanted to order a second meal I felt somewhat forgotten. I was given time to consider my options but in the end I ordered at the counter because I couldn’t wait around the waiter to come back again. Parking was 1 hour only and I was running a little short on time. I felt that they could have checked on us a little more, or at least pop by more often randomly.

The cacao pop cereal was not as sweet as Coco Pops (for obvious reasons) and something a little different. It tasted nice and there was nothing particularly wrong with it, however I don’t think I’m much of a cereal kind of girl. If you are though, then by all means give it a try, but for me it was a bit of a miss.

2014-09-24 Little Big Sugar Salt (10)

Overall a pleasant experience with good company. Little Big Sugar Salt with their forever evolving menu and simple concept has the potential to grow well. With regards to food, for the most part they’ve got that covered.  Being a fairly new little cafe though, LBSS could do with some slight improvements with their service and how they go about keeping tabs on their customers just so they don’t feel forgotten. Given it wasn’t a busy day, I can’t say they were in over their heads and so some exceptions I could make.

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