Just finished class and the first thing I see on the Common Lawn at Monash Uni, Caulfield was Mr Burger. Food trucks have been popping up all over Melbourne lately and it seems that they are extending themselves outwards the suburbs a little more. I had heard naught but good things about Mr Burger and decided it was the perfect opportunity to try one of their burgers before the mad rush during lunch time. And boy, I’m telling you (sans impending hunger) it was fingerlickin’ delicious.

2014-09-25 Mr Burger (7)2014-09-25 Mr Burger (5,6a)

The food truck burger menu is simple which makes it easier to decide what you want to have (as opposed to having too many options shoved in your face). Without a doubt, Mr Veg was the burger for me. No chips, because well why ruin the main star of the meal with the distraction of sides.

2014-09-25 Mr Burger (3a,4)

One thing I noticed immediately, was that the food truck counter was really high. It made the exchange somewhat uncomfortable being at such a low vantage point and over reaching just to pay.

2014-09-25 Mr Burger (8, 9)

2014-09-25 Mr Burger (10a)Mr Veg: falafel patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mustard, mayo and tomato sauce. $10.00

If you wanted to make this vegan, just ask them to omit the cheese and mayonnaise. Easy.

One of the first things I noticed was how crisp and soft the falafel patty was without being too dry. It was grilled just right for me. Another bite allowed me to appreciate the soft sweet bun encasing this refreshing mix of salad, melted cheese and sweet, savoury and creamy sauces all mixed together. The burger was a good hefty size and more than satisfying.

2014-09-25 Mr Burger (2a)

If you happen to ever see one of these Mr Burger food trucks around, definitely go grab yourself a burger. Go to a nearby park, sit back, relax and just enjoy a simply made but tasty burger.

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