Le Boy and I were craving some India after a training session on the bike to ready ourselves for the Around the Bay event. We had just done around 40km on the Eastlink Trail and we were both very hungry. Le Boy was craving for some Indian and so we decided to go to our go to place of choice for convenience and late hours. We went to Bharawan Da Dhaba. The first time I went here was on Sunday night at 11pm for dinner after ice skating at the Medibank ice centre. It was the only place that was still open. Since then Bharawan Da Dhaba has been the place Le Boy and I go, to get our late night Indian fix.

2014-10-16 Bharawan Da Dhaba (3)Veg Platter $10.00
 A mix of 2pc smaosa, 2pcs mixed pakora, onion bhaji served on hot sizzler

Whenever coming here, we would only order a curry each with some naan bread. Today, I wanted to try one of their entrees. The veggie platter seemed to provide the best option for sampling a few different things. And my gosh, it was really good. I can’t understand why I never tried to order it earlier.

The samosas were filled generously and it didn’t taste like there was too much pastry. The mixed vegetable pakoras were also delightful. And the sauce that accompanied it was the best. Le Boy thought it was even better than BBQ sauce, and that’s saying something  (since he pretty much puts BBQ sauce on everything). Next time I’ll ask them what kind of sauce it was, because I really want to know how to make it.

2014-10-16 Bharawan Da Dhaba (4) Baigan BharthaBaigan Bhartha $10.90
Eggplant cooked with onion, tomatoes & Chef’s special spices

Today I tried a different vegetable curry from what I usually order. The first time I was here, I tried a cauliflower and pea curry which to this day is still my favourite. The baigan bhartha was not quite what I expected it to be. It reminded me of the tomato and onion flavoured cans of tuna you get from John West. It was a drier type of curry, with of the sauce component for you to dip in. Still tasty but not quite what I was craving for at the time.

2014-10-16 Bharawan Da Dhaba (5) Lamb Rogan JoshLamb Rogan Josh $10.90
Famous lamb dish with  a touch of yoghurt and robust coriander flavour

The lamb curry was quite nice, a little spicy but not too much (as we asked for mild). As opposed to the baigan bhartha, the lamb rogan josh had a lot more sauce for you to dip into. Occasionally I found myself drizzling some of it over my own curry.

2014-10-16 Bharawan Da Dhaba (6,7)Garlic Naan $2.50 and Cheese Naan $4.00
Naan bread finished with garlic butter, fresh coriander, avocado and spring onion, Naan bread filled with spiced cheese

Despite our hungry selves, the need to carb up and my normally sizeable appetite, we could not finish everything we had ordered. There was probably about a quart piece of garlic naan left and 1/3 of both curries remaining. After having come here quiet a few times now, it’s fairly safe to say that Bharawan Da Dhaba will still have have as me coming back occasionally here and there on the late night when I’ve been out and haven’t had any dinner yet.

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