After good morning run, breakfast and some assignment group work J and I decided to head to the city for some lunch. Our initial plans were to stop by Koba for some Korean Mexican food, but J was on a 5 day reset challenge and could not really have anything high GI and unhealthy. And that’s when Green Press came to mind. With everyone becoming a little more health conscious days, it is no surprise that that healthy vegetarian and vegan cafes serving a fresh range of juices and smoothies are slowly beginning to pop up.

2014-09-30 Green Press (5)

The little organic, vegetabfull joint offers their more health conscious and busy patrons a wide range of ready made cold pressed fresh juices and salads from the fridge display to take away or dine in. For those wanting to order something else, there is a limited breakfast menu available only until 10:30am and fresh made Acai bowls to order.

2014-09-30 Green Press (7a)
Cold pressed juice $8.00

 I don’t know what I was thinking when I chose this green juice over the other ones, but this tasted literally like everything listing on the bottle (as it should) and it was fowl. I had a berry rich smoothie in the morning and was daydreaming of my earlier breakfast while sipping on this green antioxidant cleansing monster of a drink. It’s not so surprising that I had to scull this baby down just to make sure I didn’t have any second thoughts of disposing it via other means.

2014-09-30 Green Press (9)
Peanut Butter Protein Acai Bowl $12.00
Peanut Butter, Chocolate Vegan Protein, Almond Milk

The peanut butter acai bowl had a thicker consistency than I had imagined (not a bad thing) and was sweet. It very much appealed to my sweet tooth. The crunchy homemade granola with slightly savoury spices made for a lovely salty and sweet combination of flavours. Despite looking quite small, the smoothie bowl really keeps you satiated for a very long time since it’s topped with a lot of nuts.

2014-09-30 Green Press (10a)Tropic Thunder Acai Bowl $12.00
Pineapple, Coconut, Berries, Agave, Coconut Water

The berry version was much more tart and not as sweet as the peanut protein bowl, but it was still very nice. I personally prefer the peanut butter more than the tropic thunder.

2014-09-30 Green Press (12,7b)

As you can see, I did managed to down all of my green juice. It was down in one go and by the end of it I felt that I had really achieved something. J’s red beetroot, carrot, apple and lime juice was much sweet and more palatable. If I were to ever get one of these juices again, I’d pick something that would most likely have a sweet flavour to it, rather than something that left well, a slightly grassy after taste.

If ever in need of a healthy meal kick to start or sustain you throughout the day, Green Press is a great place to make a pit stop. Would definitely be coming back to Green Press, as I would love to try their breakfast menu and maybe some of their in house salads too. Although Green Press appears to be on the pricey side for what you get, people need to realise that sometimes you can’t put a price on good health and well-being.

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