It was a little difficult to figure out how to get to Ike’s Rack Shack at first. From the outside all the signs are there at the Beaufort, and on the inside you can definitely see the rack shack. What I didn’t realize at the time was when it says that Ike’s Rack Shack was at the back of the Beaufort, they meant inside the Beaufort towards the back. I had to walk around the back where the chefs were working to ask them how to get inside. It was a little embarrassing but I was not ready for any more puzzles for the night, especially after doing The Mine Escape Room earlier on in the evening.

2014-10-03 Ike's Rack Shack (11)

Le Boy and I were recommended to come here by his older brother. His older brother dubbed them the best ribs he’s ever had. Naturally we had check this place out for ourselves. Some of selling points for Ike’s Rack Shack is that they open until late, serve a decent range of salad (which also happen to be tasty), are reasonably priced and most of all they offer vegan ribs that is not made of faux soy meat. With the increasing trend for people to take on more plant based diets (such as myself) this venture into creating more vegetarian or vegan friendly meals will furthermore extend Ike’s Rack Shack reach to another category of customers who may not otherwise be considered as part of the normally targeted consumer.

We arrived at the restaurant without a booking at a quarter past eight with no booking and were fortunate enough to be directed to a bench table in the shack part of the dining area. The boys who attended us were friendly and attentive. I noticed towards the back that there was a large pool table for patrons to busy themselves with while waiting for food to be served.

2014-10-03 Ike's Rack Shack (6)1/2 Rack Vegan Ribs $15.00
Quinoa, corn, Jalapeno, vegan cheese and paprika

 These ribs were just as I had expected them to be but more. I had no idea what they would turn out to be like. A tiny voice at the back of my mind was just a little afraid that the vegan ribs would turn out to be some sort of soy meat concoction, but this was not the case at all. It was really nice. Sweet potato ‘ribs’, who would have thought.

2014-10-03 Ike's Rack Shack (8)Grain salad with quinoa, currants, tomato, cucumber and lemon Harissa dressing $9.00

 I love this quinoa salad. It was just the perfect mix of savoury, sour, sweet and refreshing all into one. Something I would definitely consider making at home.

2014-10-03 Ike's Rack Shack (9)1/2 Rack Lamb Ribs $15.00

 At the beginning, Le Boy found his rack of lamb to be too tough and chew, but after a few pieces all was good again. Although not the best he’s had (still prefers Racks Ribs Co.), for what they were worth he thought thought it was good.

2014-10-03 Ike's Rack Shack (10)The BBQ Butt $16.00
Smoked pulled pork, house buttermilk slaw and spicy BBQ sauce on a damper roll with fries

Le Boy didn’t agree with me on this one, but I thought the pulled pork in this burger was divine. The burger itself did need a little bit of extra sauce though and ended up dipping parts of it into the sauce that came with the ribs.

After a good puzzle game experience in The Mine Escape Room, all Le Boy and I wanted was a good meal. And a good meal for good value is exactly what we got from Ike’s Rack Shack. I’d be sure to come back for the vegan ribs again and try some of their other side dishes. As for the ribs, definitely check them out, but only if you’re in the area.

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