Lets take a quick step inside the Emporium food court and see what some of the things they have on offer. Le Boy was looking for something that was similar to kebabs and souvlakis seemed to be the closest thing the Emporium food court had to offer our hungry appetites. Set up in a prime little spot in the Emporium food court, Jimmy Grants is set to be a popular choice among the many people who are fans of the Smith St store and of course George Calombaris, one of the judges on the Australian MasterChef television show. I was interested in finally seeing what the fuss was all about. Le Boy was just excited at the prospect of finally being able to eat something.

2014-09-28 Jimmy  Grants (2)

One of the first things we noticed, was the store is set up more like a takeaway shop. The service is fast, efficient and on point. There is not much time to dawdle around. After ordering, you give them your name and when your order is ready, your name gets called out. At first when we collected our souvlakis, they did appear to be quite small. Although the souvlakis didn’t make us full, Le Boy and I did find the souvlakis to be quite satisfying.      2014-09-28 Jimmy  Grants (3)

2014-09-28 Jimmy  Grants (4,5)  2014-09-28 Jimmy  Grants (8)The Bonegilla $9.00
Chicken & Lamb, mustard aioli, chips, onion, parsley

Le Boy ordered the chicken and lamb souvlaki which was actually really nice. The mustard aioli really tied everything together really nicely.

2014-09-28 Jimmy  Grants (7)The Homer $7.50
Falafel, greek yoghurt, helenic slaw

 My falafelt souvlaki fell short of any wow factor. It was a little dry and the salad was good except the fennel leaves was very overpowering. Not the best souvlaki I’ve ever had unfortunately.

Since we weren’t particularly full after the souvlakis, we decided to look around for something sweet. Le Boy was having some ice cream cravings and the only thing that fell close to ice cream in the food court was frozen yoghurt.

2014-09-28 Yo-Art (1)

We stopped by Yo-Art to try them out and also for Le Boy to try frozen yoghurt for the first time. Silly me I forgot to tell him that for frozen yoghurt, you pay by weight per serving…whoops.

2014-09-28 Yo-Art (4)

Yo-Art offers your typical selection of frozen yoghurt flavours. None of the flavours tasted particularly outstanding. The base flavours were average. Pretty standard to be honest. There are many other better frozen yoghurt places to go to such as Tutti Frutti, Ilya Frozen Yoghurt and Cacao Green.

2014-09-28 Yo-Art (3)

The Emporium food court makes for a nice little pit stop after a long shopping session and you’re not quite exactly sure what you want to eat. There’s no fast food chain restaurants like Mac Donalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks or Subway here. Instead it is replaced with a variety of healthy eateries serving patrons with souvlakis, burgers, salads, juices, pho, sushi, curries, omlette wraps and cafe foods.

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