Kamel, an exotic little treasure nestled in an avenue just on the north western outskirts of Albert Park. This what appears to be a small restaurant houses an impressive number of seats and tables the further you step inside. There is a side dining space just before you reach the kitchen, a courtyard at the back and there’s even an upstairs dining area. At Kamel, dishes are made to share between 2-4 people and so it is recommended that you order a few dishes from the menu. The friendly and helpful staff will let you know whether what you have ordered is enough and give some advice on balancing the meals out not sure what you want to have.

2014-09-18 Kamel (2)

2014-09-18 Kamel (5)Zucchini corn, feta, chickpea flour fritters with green tahini. Small serving (2 pcs) 7.50

2014-09-18 Kamel (4)Warm roasted pumpkin and beetroot salad with kale, pistachios and goats cheese $16.00

Today, I tested Le Boy’s knowledge of my food preferences and allowed him to pick from the menu what he thought I would like to try and he was spot on. Vegetable fritters are always a favourite of mine (he doesn’t know that, but he does know I like my vegetables) so it’s quite difficult to ever go wrong there and the zuchinni corn fritters we ordered were delicious. They were thick, well seasoned and came with a nice creamy tahini dipping sauce.

Roasted pumpkin and beetroot salad is also another one of my favourite things to have. The goats cheese gave the salad a nice salt and slightly tart taste, while the pistachios gave the salad some part to munch on as everything else was just the right amount of soft.

2014-09-18 Kamel (6)Roasted pork belly with fennel, orange and maple baked apple $26.00

The roasted pork belling with its crispy skin reminded us of the Asian crispy roast pork belly but not as juicy. The acidity from the orange helped cut the fatty piece of pork belly while the sweet apple half in the centre balanced out the saltiness from the port and acidity from the salad. Le Boy found that the fennel salad did not work with the pork for him.

2014-09-18 Kamel (7)Lamb and Molkhia tagine with currant and pinenut couscous $25.00

A little disappointing. I didn’t know what to expect but the lamb and molkhia tagine didn’t sit right with me in anyway. The molkhia was unfamiliar and different, a little overpowering overall. The couscous tasted a little dry on its own but was fine when mixed in with some of the tagine.

2014-09-18 Kamel (9)

2014-09-18 Kamel (10)Turkish delight donuts served with vanilla ice cream $10.50

Just when I thought dinner was coming to an end, we discovered that Kamel had a separate dessert menu. I was already feeling quite satisfied but one look at the Turkish delight donuts sold us both. We just had to try it and it was good. Very very good. Crisp and warm, the Turkish delight centre in the donuts was a nice surprise. A spoonful of that with some vanilla ice cream was just perfect. I did have to brush some of the sugar off from the outside of the donuts though, because after a while it was getting to be a little too much.
Food at Kamel is delicious and the serving portions are just right for sharing. They’re not too big or too small which makes it great if you want to try a variety of different dishes. The atmosphere is very chill and quite relaxing. It makes for a great place to hang out after a long day at work.

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