Armed with two KOBA vouchers, one from Living Social and the other from Scoopon I made my way to the fast food Korean Mexican take away joint. Having arrived just five past 11:30am, I was a little disappointed that the place was not raring to go. The boy at the counter was having trouble setting up the app to receive the Scoopon voucher deals. Instead of using the Scoopon deal, I decided to use the $9.00 Korrito & Small fries voucher I bought from living social a couple of months back. I would have to save the Scoopon $5.00 meal & drink deal for another day.

2014-10-15 KOBA (1,3,5)

KOBA is situated in a nice little spot down on Hardware St amongst other popular eateries such as Hardware Societe just opposite and CJ Lunch Bar a couple of doors down. The street food store offers a limited range of popular Mexican dishes reinvented with Korean flavours. Some of these include Korritos (Korean burritos), Korean tacos and sliders as well as some sides with some Korean flavours. Kimchi chips anyone?

2014-10-15 KOBA (6)

The bold red interior with it’s printed KOBA mascot and retro design really livens up the place. The staff were friendly and did their best to provide good service. With the business still in its early years, KOBA could improve on their efficiency in setting up ready for opening time and handling customers without losing them when technical difficulties arise. (I saw a gentlemen walk out because he didn’t have time wait for the boy at the counter to install and setup the app to receive the Scoopon vouchers. An issue that can be avoided entirely if they had been more organised. Oh well…)

2014-10-15 KOBA (9)Small Kimchi Fries
Kimchi, cheese, kimchi sauce, onion relish & sour cream lightly seasoned with chilli salt

The chips on their own were okay. I like the idea of what it could have been because I found myself more interested in the kimchi itself than the chips.

2014-10-15 KOBA (10)Tofu Korrito
Kimchi rice, melted cheese, tomato salsa and kimchi

Again, I really liked the idea how the Korrito could have turned out. The flavours for the korrito was really nice, the combination of the sauces and salad with the rice and kimchi produced sweet and savoury flavour hits. The korrito was served barely warm and the cheese had not melted yet. However, they were generous with their pickled carrot and cucumbers.

You can see that the korrito had a lot of potential, and if I had been the one behind the counter making it myself everything would have been perfect. Unfortunately the korrito was just not what I had expected, considering how keen I was in trying this place out. I would like to think that I was just unlucky.

2014-10-15 KOBA (2,4)

Fairly tasty and quite cheap, KOBA has the potential to really establish itself among the street foodists of Melbourne. Until KOBA picks up its game on consistency with food service and opening preparations, they may themselves losing a lot of potential customers for reasons that are entirely preventable to start with.

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