LadyBoy Dining & Bar is a colourfully neon lit eclectic paradise. This funky new edition to Richmond’s Thai cuisine Bridge Rd is hip with a cool vibe about it. Not feeling particularly hungry? No worries. There is a bar at the back just before the garden courtyard is for those who just wan to sit back, relax and have a drink. The walk-in restaurant offers food on the menu mainly to share and is only open from 6pm onwards. Reservations can only be made for groups of 6 or more.

2014-10-09 LadyBoy Dining & Bar (2,5,6,7)

Service good and staff are friendly, happy to answer any questions regarding the menu. Food in general was on the slightly pricier side for what you get, however it’s really really good. It makes sense when ingredients are sourced fresh and there is no skimping on the essential herbs that makes Thai food Thai. LadyBoy does well to stay true to authentic Thai flavours.

2014-10-09 LadyBoy Dining & Bar (3,4)LadyBoy Bar

Colourful paper lanterns and umbrellas decorate the bar ceiling.

2014-10-09 LadyBoy Dining & Bar (8)Betel leaf, green mango, pomello and herb salad

 Highly recommended by one of my colleagues, these vegetarian betel leaf wraps were refreshing. The herbs and spices really give it a good burst of flavour.

2014-10-09 LadyBoy Dining & Bar (9)Green papaya, snake bean and peanut salad (minus the peanut)

This green papaya salad is really spicy. At first you don’t really feel it, but when you do…you do. A little heavy on a fish sauce dressing, and too spicy for my taste, the green papaya salad is not suitable for vegetarians as it does contain fish sauce.

2014-10-09 LadyBoy Dining & Bar (10)Salt and pepper silken tofu with chilli jam and coriander

We all agreed that this silken tofu dish was the highlight dish of the night. The deep fried silken tofu was amazing. Imagine melts in your mouth tofu softness that’s slightly crispy sitting on a delicious chilli jam sauce that resembled gochujang with honey. It was so good, we ended up ordering another portion of it.

2014-10-09 LadyBoy Dining & Bar (11)Crispy duck, nahm jim and pickled apple salad

Surprising, there wasn’t a lot of duck in this salad (which is good for me). But for what you get it doesn’t appear to be much. For what it lacks in quantity, it certainly makes up for the flavour. The duck salad had just the right amount of savoury, tang and sweetness to it. The combination of herbs, cabbage and crispy spring onion pieces created a little explosion of flavour in my mouth.

2014-10-09 LadyBoy Dining & Bar (12)Red tofu curry with snake beans and baby corn

My vegetarian colleague and I were really looking forward to this all night, but found ourselves a little underwhelmed by the dish. The tofu had not had time to absorb the curry in well enough and the vegetables were just barely cooked crunchy. The red tofu curry had the potential to be really tasty…if only they had let it simmer enough.

2014-10-09 LadyBoy Dining & Bar (13,14)Cucumber relish, krachi and Thai pickle

The only thing I forgot to take a picture of was the Massaman spring lamb curry with potatoes and peanuts $25.00. Although it is not really included here on its own (check out the top left dish on the table spread), I actually found the lamb curry to be a lot better than I expected it to me. I’ve always previously had not so good experiences with anything to do with lamb, but this was not the case today. How the Massaman lamb curry was cooked, was how I expected the red tofu curry to be. The meat was so soft, you could pull it apart while the potatoes soft and fluffy. Now here was the perfect example of a curry well simmered.

2014-10-09 LadyBoy Dining & Bar (15)

2014-10-09 LadyBoy Dining & Bar (16)White sticky rice, sorbet and Thai fruits

This sticky rice and sorbet combination was just heavenly. There was a little too much syrup for my liking, but better a little too much than a little too little. This sticky rice and sorbet combo is one of the staff favourites at LadyBoy.

2014-10-09 LadyBoy Dining & Bar (17)Coconut sorbet

Desserts were on point. The coconut sorbet was refreshing and creamy, the shaved roasted coconut flakes made for a nice finish. The desserts here at LadyBoy are served at just the right portions to satisfying that sweet tooth but not make you regret having that last bite.

Despite it’s cheeky name, LadyBoy Dining and Bar is anything but. Being a newer addition to the late night Thai dining club, the crew at LadyBoy take their customer service and food seriously as they well should. If you want to avoid any disappointing experiences, go when you have time and get there early to avoid waiting for a table.

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