It’s often hard to forget how busy Bridge Rd becomes sometimes. Even more so, how busy the shops along this road are as well. Momotaro Rahmen is like your popular local noodle shop where you get served up bowls of ramen instead your usual pho or laksa noodle bowls. The little noodle shop is small but plays hosts to an impressive number of chairs and seats for its customers despite the small floor space. As you enter Momotaro Rahmen, there is a sign which tells you to order and pay at the counter first before taking a seat. Most people come to Momotaro for the ramen (made evident by the number of large white bowls everywhere), but they do have a few entree options available to order as well. And they entreees that they do serve, stack up pretty well on their own.

2014-10-01 Momotaro Rahmen (1)Gyoza (6 pcs) Entree set $7.00
Japanese pan fried pork, cabbage and chives.

Freshly pan fried, the gyoza had a nice thin crispy skin with a perfectly seasoned filling. So good that I didn’t feel compelled to dip them in anything at all.

2014-10-01 Momotaro Rahmen (4b)Takoyaki $7.00

These takoyaki balls were also on point. Served nice and hot with a good drizzle of tonkotsu sauce and some Japanese mayonnaise, my only complaint would be that I wish there were more of them.

2014-10-01 Momotaro Rahmen (2a)Vegetable ramen $11.00
Mixed vegetable with sesame flavour in broth soup.

When I found out that Momotaro Rahmen was offering vegetable ramen, I knew I had to give it a try. Like all Momotaro bowls of ramen, mine arrived in a massive while bowl with generous servings of everything, noodles, soup, vegetables you name it. Often of not ramen toppings are used quite well, sparingly at times but here at Momotaro Rahmen, they really want to make sure you get your money’s worth and walk away not hungry. I managed to devour the bowl (despite having my doubts) leaving only the broth behind. This place really reminds me of having a big bowl of pho in Springvale, the price is about the same, portions are similar and the taste factor is just really good. The vegetable ramen is filling but doesn’t leave you dealing with a sluggish battle with digestion in the hours to come afterwards.

2014-10-01 Momotaro Rahmen (3b)Miso Ramen $11.00
Mixed vegetable with roast pork belly in boy bean soup

The miso ramen broth tasted a lot like miso soup, but even better. My friend really enjoyed the ramen and thought we were getting such a great deal for what we had paid for it.

Momotaro Rahmen is the kind of place where I would come to on a regular basis to get my ramen fix if I lived close enough.

Generous servings + good price + fast service + very tasty ramen = A great value~

Little Ramen Bar is so by far my all time favourite place I’d make an effort to return to, but Momotaro Rahmen definitely earns itself a place in my would come back list for ramen.

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