Racks Ribs Co is a snug little takeway BBQ ribs joint on Glenhuntly Rd which is so inconspicuous, that if you were not purposely looking for the place, could easily miss it entirely (as I have done multiple times). Once you do overlook it’s quite plain dark glass window exterior and step inside, the whole place turns into what looks like an old dinghy bar covered in vintage signs and neon lights. The interior awfully reminds me of Fat Bob’s Bar and Grill, but on a smaller much more compact scale.

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 As Le Boy and I entered, we were greeted by friendly staff who were curious to what we were about to order. We decided to order 1/2 a rack of pork ($22.00) and beef ($19.50) which would have come to a total of $41.50, but our attendee suggested that we just grab a full rack of pork for $38.00 which includes chips and they will just make half of it beef for us. This was a great idea and we couldn’t believe how generous they were to make this offer. Le Boy and I were smiling at each other from ear to ear.

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2014-09-11 Racks Ribs Co (7)1/2 Rack Pork Ribs with small chips

These pork ribs were good. The meat wasn’t entirely melting off the bone but it was still good. The ribs had a lot of lean meat and was striated with too much fat as I had recently experienced at Big Boy BBQ.

2014-09-11 Racks Ribs Co (8a)1/2 Rack Beef ribs with creamy mushroom and garlic sauce

 A little more difficult to eat than the pork ribs, the beef ribs were just as good. The meat in itself was a little tougher as it is beef, but Le Boy was not complaining.

All ribs come with a small serving of fat crispy chips and some sauce. I chose the creamy mushroom sauce and garlic sauce which tasted really good, but just wasn’t hitting it in the right spot for me and so asked for some extra basting sauce. The basting sauce was mouth-wateringly good. Le Boy, who was usually obsessed about his BBQ sauce, raved about the basting sauce as well.

Serving sizes were definitely generous and more than enough to satisfy the the hungry and those with a large appetite. The chips were a little overloaded with salt and I had to rub mine off if I wanted any chance of dipping then into the sauce without raising my blood pressure in anyway. The chips were good, but I would consider asking for them to be unsalted so that you dip them in the sauces without restraint.

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Although eating in is an option with the chairs and tables available, keep in mind Rack Ribs Co. is not a restaurant but more like a take away shop. Ordering to go and sharing with mates is the best way to go at Racks Ribs Co.

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