Earlier in July, I saw a great Scoopon deal for Simply Spanish and bought a $25 voucher for $50 credit to go towards any food and drink. What I didn’t realize at the time though was that the Scoopon didn’t have a expiry date 90 days from purchase (like Groupon). It was going to expire on the 16th of September. Another detail I had overlooked was that the voucher was only valid during dinner hours and could not be redeemed for a lunch session, which was when I had planned to use it. Oh well…

2014-09-04 Simply Spanish (3,4)

The South Melbourne restaurant has both an indoor and outdoor dining area. We opted to sit inside because the weather was quite chilly outside. Being inside though, almost didn’t seem to make much of a difference because by the window there was a bit of a draft by the window pane.

2014-09-04 Simply Spanish (5,6)

Dinner started off with some slightly stale bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip and a glass of Sangria each ($6.50/glass)

2014-09-04 Simply Spanish (7)Croquetas del dia 7.50

From the moment we took our seats, we knew that we wanted to order the paella. So while we were waiting for the paella to be cooked as it does take a bit of time, Le boy and I decided to peruse the menu for some small bites as stall the impending hunger that was increasingly dawning upon us.

The croquettes with bits of prawn inside were creamy and so good. Served warm and crisp, Le Boy expressed his delight over them having never really tried them beforehand.

2014-09-04 Simply Spanish (8a)Pork belly wish spiced nashi puree, caramelized cider and morcilla crisp. $15.50

These succulent juices pieces of pork belly hit all the right notes for me. A light crispy skin, sweet sticky cider and tender pork soaking up the nashi puree’s sweet juices was my kind of flavour it. I always have a sweet spot for sweet things and that include sweet sauces and marinades for what is otherwise considered to be a savoury dish.

2014-09-04 Simply Spanish (9a)

2014-09-04 Simply Spanish (9b)Seafood paella $42.50

The paella was cooked with very generous servings of seafood. Almost a little too much for Le Boy and my liking in fact. For others, this is the amount of seafood they would expect to be served for the price it’s charged at, and I have no qualms about that. But I think personally though, this particular seafood paella was just not the best I’ve had. There was an overwhelming fishiness that overpowered the tomato, saffron and sweetness from the onion.

2014-09-04 Simply Spanish (1)

In total, our bill came to $78.50 so we to paid the $28.50 difference. If I had read more carefully that the voucher was only redeemable during dinner hours, I would have opted for the $50 deal for $100 credit for food. A little mistake I’ll never make again. Highlights of the evening included the croquettes, sangria and the pork belly. The service left a lot to be desired from as I often found myself catching the eye of the kitchen staff so he could gain the attention of our waitress or waiter…I lost track of who was meant to be looking after us. We were their first customers of the evening so I had expected a little more attention, but I suppose it just doesn’t work like that all the time.

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