It was a warm summer night and our initial plans for a quiet evening when there was still plenty of light left and with good weather. I’ve been wanting to go on a little foodie adventure as of late so Le Boy complied and suggested we check out the Night Noodle Market. Having been to last year’s Night Noodle Market, I was interested to see what had changed. However by the time we left for the city dinner it would be 8pm and both of us were starving. There was no way we would survive the long lines that awaited anyone who has ever gone to a night market before. It was decided then that we would have something to eat first, a light dinner before heading over and thus, we ended up at Guhng on my suggestion. What I had not realized though when we finally found the place, was that it was located right next to Red Spice Road. I called up to make an impromptu booking for 8pm. To our surprise they had a spot available for us and this was on a Friday night mind you.

2014-11-22 Guhng (1)

2014-11-22 Guhng (3,4)

Guhng supplies its patrons with a relaxing dining atmosphere. The classy interior with its warmly lit rocky walls on one side with golden discs hanging from the ceiling, the low warm lighting provides a little privacy when you dine. The staff were polite, helpful and timely in their inquiries to when we were ready to order.

2014-11-22 Guhng (6)Stone grilled vegetarian bibimbap $16.00

I was craving for what I usually crave for when it comes to Korean, so it was a no brainer for me that bibimbap would be one of the things we’d order for the night. And the bibimbap was good, really good. There were generous portions to the elements of the bibimbap. The mushrooms stood out in this particular bibimbap.

2014-11-22 Guhng (7b)Crispy pork belly $24.00

The next part of our dinner consisted of crispy pork belly. Now I wasn’t sure what to expected when Le Boy wanted to order this, but what came out exceeded all my expections. Guhng’s crispy pork belly simply just melts in your mouth. Every part of every piece of the pork was simply infused with flavour and if that was somehow not enough, you can use roll the piece around in the delicious thick sauce that came with the dish. This pork belly dish goes perfect with plain rice and the the vegetables on top makes for a nice garnish.

2014-11-22 Guhng (8)Cheese dukbokki $9.00

This spicy rice cake, onion, cabbage and cheese combination was simply delicious. If you like your dukbokki and your cheese, why not combine them? And that’s what has happened in this instance. Served hot with tongs for easy serving, the spicy sauce the dukbokki was cooked in had a good spice kick without overwhelming the dish.

2014-11-22 Guhng (9)

Check out that spread for two.

What initially began as our pre Night Noodle Market meal, we ended up having a feast for dinner. By the end of it we were completely satisfied and satiated to a point where going to the Night Noodle Market no longer held our interests. Although most people come to Guhng for the BBQ meats, I would certainly recommend people to try out their other dishes. The menu isĀ  cleverly annotated to indicate which dishes are authentic, westernized or very authentic Korean cuisine to suit all tastebuds.

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