Gosh time flies. It’s been already 5 years since I last saw my BOH (Bachelor of Oral Health) peeps. As we decided it was time to catch up, our class rep with all her representative authority managed to gather a good 18 of us all in one place. And that place was Jimbo and Rex, a restaurant that serves up your traditional steak/grillĀ  and pub favourites. Located on the first floor near the escalator in Crown Casino, Jimbo and Rex is quite hard to miss with it’s large orange gold capital lettering.

2014-12-21 Jimbo and Rex (6)

2014-12-21 Jimbo and Rex (4,5)

My friends and I thought it’d be good to start off with some entrees and ordered a garlic pizza, Thai fish cakes, salt and pepper calamari and Mexican bebe tacos to share. Everything was quite tasty in general but the calamari in particular stood out. The batter was crispy and there wasn’t so much of it as to overwhelm to make it feel as if you were eating mainly batter.

2014-12-21 Jimbo and Rex (3)Mexican bebe tacos
South of the border pulled beef, blanco cheese, black bean and corn chipotle salsa

2014-12-21 Jimbo and Rex (7)Teriyaki Beef Salad (sans beef)
Crisp Asian greens, tossed in soba noodles, capsicum, mushrooms, cucumber with sesame teriyaki dressing

It was very kind of them to make this Teriyaki soba noodle salad without the beef for me. The sesame teriyaki dressing had enough flavour to properly dress the salad but was not too seasoned as to overpower it. There was no need to drain any sauce for this salad since it was just right.

2014-12-21 Jimbo and Rex (8)Baked Atlantic Salmon “Saltimbocca”
served with grilled asparagus, desiree potato gratin and prosciutto

2014-12-21 Jimbo and Rex (9)Fish n Chips
Beer battered rockling fillets, served with mushy pea, house made tartare, beer battered steak fries and lemon

2014-12-21 Jimbo and Rex (10)Twice cooked pork belly
Served with sesame tossed bok choy, spring onion fried shallot, sesame roasted pumpkin wedge and soy chilli caramel sauce

2014-12-21 Jimbo and Rex (11)Seared Barramundi
With spinach, butternut squash, ragout, roast beetroot puree and tempura crystal bay prawns

2014-12-21 Jimbo and Rex (12)Rex steak sandwich
Beef fillet topped with onion relish, back bacon, sunnyside egg, cheddar cheese with a side of beer battered fries

The food was good. We all found everything we had ordered to our liking. If anything we ended ordering too much as the portion size of the mains were quite generous. The food at Jimbo and Rex is generally quite hearty but there are a few lighter options on the menu for the smaller eater as well. Best of all there’s a separate kids menu with smaller portions for the little ones.

I didn’t realise it until we were about to leave but all the other tables were filled with families with young children. There were a balloons being given out and Santa Claus was handing out candy cane to everyone. It seems that Jimbo and Rex is not just adult friendly but kid friendly as well. It’s a nice place to gather friends and family to eat.

2014-12-21 Jimbo and Rex (2)
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