Here in the heart of Richmond lies Seoul Soul, a place that solely focuses on delivery it’s patrons a hearty feed but simply the Korean way. The little restaurant offers a wide variety of cheap and filling meal buckets (dosirak) which is like your bento box in a bucket, bibimbap and noodle dishes. All of these of which are perfect for one hungry person or great to share as we saw four people share three different dosiraks. The industrious design and layout of Seoul Soul keeps the dining setting simple and allows you to focus on your meal or engaging with your fellow mate.

2014-11-23 Seoul Soul (2)

2014-11-23 Seoul Soul (3)Kimchi pancake $7.00

Kimchi pancakes are simply one of the things I must try at most Korean restaurants.

I must admit that I was expecting a whole pancake when I ordered this starter as you would normally get at a Korean restaurant. I was a bit surprised to find that only two pieces were supplied and for what its worth, it was not worth it. Given that the pancakes were tasty and crispy in its own over battered kind of way, I found myself quite disappointed in this entree as I do love them pancakes.

2014-11-23 Seoul Soul (4)Stone pot tofu bibimbap (without egg) $12.00

For the main I could not stay away from ordering a stone pot bibimbap. The components of this bibimbap were plentiful and delicious.

The gochujang sauce was served in separate sauce bottle which was a good thing too because it was lacking a bit of oomph. I found myself adding 2-3 times more gochujang than I would normally because the flavour was very mild.

2014-11-23 Seoul Soul (5)Stone pot stir fried kimchi bibimbap $13.00

The kimchi fried rice was taste, hearty and very filling. Perfect Korean comfort food if you ever need a little spice kick.

We ate our rice stone pot dishes on a hot summer’s day which wasn’t ideal, but I could have rice all day everyday come rain or shine.

Seoul Soul is definitely worth a little visit if your in the area. My initial intentions were to check our their meal buckets, but I was too tempted with the bibimbap. There’s always next time.

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