I for one, am one of many who cannot turn down a good brunch. Just say the word and I’ll bombard with you all the places I wish to visit. Chez Dre was one of these places. This infamous French patisserie and boulangerie cafe is extremely popular for its fine selection of cakes and pastries. Just around the corner from the South Melbourne market, Chez Dre is a great place for shoppers, tourists and brunch goers alike to relax, and grab a bite to eat and maybe some sweet pastries and desserts to take away

2014-12-24 Chez Dre (1,3,4,5 -)

Desserts are available for the day until sold out, so I would suggest you get in there quick if there’s a particular one you like

2014-12-24 Chez Dre (6)Roasted eggplant and buckwheat salad $18.50
Smoked eggplant puree, wild rocket, pomegranate molasses & rose water vinaigrette, dukkah and spelt flat bread

After a long week of feasting interstate over Christmas my friend was going vegetarian for a week and ordered this roasted eggplant and buckwheat salad. He noted that the salad was quite substantial and filling. It goes to show that even without meat as the main you can have a satisfying lunch.

2014-12-24 Chez Dre (7)Spiced lamb jaffle $16.50
Brioche, pine nuts, labneh, a fried egg, pickled onion, parsley, rocket and sumac salad

The the lamb jaffle that my friend ordered looked quite scrumptious and eve more so when mixed in with some of that nice runny egg yolk.

2014-12-24 Chez Dre (8)Mango, Coconut & Yuzu
Mango jelly, coconut mousse, peanut tuile, white chocolate and yuzu cremeux, roasted coconut dacquoise

 To compensate for the dessert I was planning to get, I decided to order something small. I had the 6 inch roasted vegetable baguette. Despite it’s small size, it was quite filling and satisfying due to the denseness of bread.

And then came the dessert I was looking forward all morning, the mango, coconut and yuzu cake. The cake was definitely a winner for me. I could come to Chez Dre and only order the desserts with a cup of coffee and be satisfied all day with the burst of flavours from eating the cake.

2014-12-24 Chez Dre (9)Lychee, Raspberry & Coconut
Coconut dacquoise, lime curd, raspberry jelly, lychee mousse

Just as good but not better than the mango cake, was this lychee, raspberry and coconut one which my friend had ordered. It was a little more tart from the raspberry which made it a little more refreshing compared to the creamy sweetness from the mango one.

Both were delicious and beautiful to look at.

All desserts at Chez Dre are priced at $9.50 which is quite expensive, but it’s really worth it to try them at least once. I’m not too big on their selection of breakfast and lunches on their menu due to their very limited vegetarian or vegan options, but their cakes are well worth coming back for another visit.

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