When the weather is warm and all you can think of is something cool and sweet to have as a snack to eat, look no further than Waffee Waffles & Coffee. Serving up unique selection of dessert inspired gourmet waffles with coffee, the Emporium based store has a lot to offer to compared to their store on Swanston St. At the Emporium store, there is a wide selection of both savoury breakfast worthy waffle options as well as dessert waffles such as their Sigature Tiramisu waffle or Blackforest waffles.

2014-12-21 Waffee (4b)Waffee signature tiramisu waffle
Coffee infused waffle pieces topped with mascarpone, Belgian chocolate shavings served with Cafe Latte and vanilla ice cream

I was not going to go past trying Waffee’s Signature Tiramisu dessert waffle. But was good you wonder…

My answer to that is yes, yes it was. I could have done without the marscapone (since I’m not a major fan of cream like things), but everything else was really nice. I could smell and taste the expresso coffee that was infused into the waffle pieces. A bite of that with a bit of the vanilla ice cream with a bit of the milky coffee syrup and shaved chocolate pieces was just divine.

2014-12-21 Waffee (2)Go Nuts
Spicy honey glazed nuts selections served with orange cardamom ice cream, poached pineapples on Liege waffle

The go nuts dessert waffle was quite nice as well. What made this dessert waffle so good was actually not the honey glazed nuts (which could be described to be more like a nut brittle) but the orange cardamon ice-cream. The combination of orange and cardamom made the dessert really refreshing to eat.

2014-12-21 Waffee (3)Black forest
Chocolate sauce, sour cherries, chocolate, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream in Liege waffle

And last but not least this sour cherry, chocolate sauce and ice cream combination was a rich sweet and tart mix of flavours. The sourness of the cherries helped balanced the sweetness from the chocolate sauce and ice cream to make the dessert not overly sickening. My friend noted that it was quite filling despite how small it looked like on the large square white plate.

The creative selection of dessert waffles at Waffee has certainly made me want to buy a waffle maker of my own and make my own waffle dessert combinations at home. In comparison to Waffle On’s waffles which are light crispy and almost fluffy (also in the CBD), the Waffee versions are little more dense, sugary, thicker and slightly smaller. If you favourite place for waffles are at Waffle On, come over to Waffee to spice things up a bit. You might actually like it.

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