Gami has made quite the name for itself by serving up some pretty good KFC. And no I’m not referring to the Kentucky lad with the mustache and glasses. I’m referring to Korean fried chicken. The basic concept of focusing on one main dish as their selling point has worked well in Gami’s favour, garnering them a feature in the The Age Epicure good food guide and leading them to open up three stores all just in the CBD and more recently their newest store in St Kilda on Acland St. It seems lately that more and more little Korean eateries are popping up all over Melbourne, serving up the masses your good old classic pub food, Korean style. And Gami is no exception to this.

2015-01-06 Gami (1)

Apart from fried chicken, Gami have other things to order from their menu. A small range of classic Korean dishes are available for customers to order from just to change things up a bit.

2015-01-06 Gami (2a)Tteok Bok Ki $13.00
Stir fried rice cakes, fish cakes, vegetables with Korean chilli sauce

One of the non chicken dishes we ordered was the Tteok Bok Ki which was a lot more spicy than what we were used to. It was very saucy (no complaints there) and full of flavour. There were generous pieces of fish cake and plenty of carrots, onion and cabbage mixed in.

2015-01-06 Gami (2b)

2015-01-06 Gami (3)Kimchi Pancake (veg) $13.00
Pan fried Korean traditional pickled and vegetables

The kimchi pancake was another classic favourite (of mine). Although seasoned just right, the kimchi pancake contained a little too much batter and oil for my liking.

2015-01-06 Gami (4)Gami flavoured fried chicken (1/2 spicy and 1/2 soy garlic) $34.00

These chicken pieces were completely drenched in their homemade sauce. The sauce itself is definitely worth noting and would make a great base sauce for not only just chicken but stir fries, fried rice and tofu dishes. The spicy sauce was definitely very hot, so watch out if you can’t handle your spice. The boys loved it and dug in wholeheartedly.

2015-01-06 Gami (5)Gami fried chicken (original flavoured) $32.00

 The original fried chicken kind of reminds you of your mum or aunt’s home made fried chicken.  Though not as mouthwatering as the famous fast food chain, the original fried chicken at Gami holds well on its own.

2015-01-06 Gami (6)Gami smoky chicken (original flavour) $32.00
Slow oven baked wings and drumsticks

And finally for those who are watching their intake of saturated fats and waists, we have the grilled variety of chicken wings and drumsticks in their original seasoning. A mix of sweet and savoury soy flavour tones with a sprinkle of sesame seeds on top.

The Korean fried chicken at Gami is certainly worth noting, but so was the lack of service we received from the waiting staff as well. Once seated we had to repeatedly ask for water. This occurred repeatedly throughout the night. Although I can understand that how difficult it could be to flag down waiting staff on a busy night at restaurants, its not something you would expect to have trouble with on a quiet night. The waiting staff were in general inattentive regarding matters that didn’t involve ordering or serving food on the table.

If we weren’t in such fine company, the lack of service would have been quite frustrating. Come to Gami for the fried chicken if you want to check it out, but don’t expect to be service to be any good.

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