I was finally able to make my rounds to this famous little ramen join on Russel St. Restauranteur and Master Chef Kousuke Yoshimura from Japan is the man responsible for this popular little ramen establishment. When Hakate Gensuke first opened, the the lines were ridiculously long. Along with it’s ridiculous lines, came mixed reviews on the ramen served here. Some exclaimed that it was the most authentic ramen they’ve ever had and others would suggest to you that the ramen served at Hakata Gensuke was overrated. Everyone has a right to how they prefer their ramen taste like and at Hakata Gensuke, the chefs do take this into account as every one is given order slip to fully customize their ramen order.

2014-12-22 Hakata Gensuke (1)

Unlike at many other ramen joint, here are Hakata Gensuke you are allowed to customized your ramen order. You can choose one of four broths: signature tonkotus, shio tonkotsu, black tonkotsu or god fire. From here on, you may decide how you would prefer your noodles, how heavy the broth should be flavoured and decided whether or not you would like any extra toppings on top.

2014-12-22 Hakata Gensuke (4)Signature Tonkotsu

Ramen here does taste good. It is not the best I’ve ever had but only because I have a different idea of what good ramen is. For one, I love my thick chewy noodles as opposed to the thinner type that is served at Hakata Gensuke.

The signature tonkotsu has a really flavoursome and heavy broth. Certainl worth giving it a try.

2014-12-22 Hakata Gensuke (3a)Shio Tonkotsu

In comparison to the the signature tonkotsu, the shio tonkotsu’s broth was tasty and light which was exactly what I felt like having at the time.

2014-12-22 Hakata Gensuke (3b)

My friend and I just came here purely for the ramen, so we didn’t order any side dishes.

I have read comments about how overpriced the ramen here is and to be honest, it only becomes a tad pricey when you ask for too many extra toppings on top.

2014-12-22 Hakata Gensuke (2)

If you want my advice. Just come here and enjoy the ramen for what it is. Don’t mess with it too much (unless you really like those extra toppings) and you will find yourself enjoying the simple dish with a deliciously complex broth.

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