What started off as a little pop up shop on Faraday St, Lisa Valmorbida garnered the interested of gelato fanatics and foodies a like with her authentic hand made gelato. Now Pidapipo is permanently open on Lygon St, Melbourne’s little Italian precinct competing against other gelateria and Italian dessert and cake shops along the street. Serving up a limited range of flavours until sold out daily, the gelateria has certainly made quite the name for itself. And the reasons are quite simple. It simply is that good.

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At Pidapipo, you can choose to have your gelato in a cup or cone and it won’t cost you any different.

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With its simplistic and rustic design, the glass window front allows for a lot of natural lighting. There are small round tables scattered inside and just outside the gelateria for you to hobble around and enjoy your frozen scoops of goodness.

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As you enter the shop there is a chalkboard on the right which lists all the flavours available on the day. Better get in early then if you don’t want to miss out on your favourites. Gelato flavours change seasonally, so don’t be surprised to rock up one day to find that one flavour you so craved for to be missing.

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I took a long time to figure out what flavour I wanted to buy and when I finally did, I was told that they had run out of it (Christmas pudding). There was a but enough to just taste test it left, so I was asked to pick another flavour. In the end I went for banoffee to substitute my dessert flavoured gelato and chose mango, because it’s simply just one of my favourite all time flavours.

The Christmas pudding, banoffee and mango…all of it was just amazing. You can really notice that the gelato has a deep flavour that is just right and so very satisfying. It’s like Gelato Messina, but a little less commercialized. Both of which are really good in their own ways. Pidapipo is much closer to the CBD than Messina, so I’d be more inclined to visit this gelateria again when I’m in the area.

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