Foxes Den has been opened for almost two months now and is becoming quite the popular spot among the locals during lunch break. I was so excited to discover that such a great place has opened up so close to work and have been buying my lunch whenever I’m in the area. Offering a variety of salads that caters to meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike, Foxes Den offers customers seasonal selection of salads to chose from. There could be anywhere from 8-10 salads available daily. And they all look amazing. The salads are all about the vegetables and grains and never too heavy with the cheese or dressings.

2015-01-08 Foxes Den (1)

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The fit out is simple and clean with a lot of open spaces.

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You can order the salad on its own or have it with some free range chicken for extra protein. The salads themselves are overall quite balanced and you can be sure to be satisfied eating the salads on their own.

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The best part about Foxes Den though is that you can actually taste the salads before committing to buying them. Just as if you were at an ice creamery, gelateria or frozen yoghurt store. I thought this was brilliant.

2015-01-08 Foxes Den (7)Medium sized plate: zuchinni, 4 grains & preserved lemon salad (left) and green tea soba noodle salad with edemame, ginger, lemongrass and apples (right)

For the small servings you can only choose one type of salad, while medium allows two different types, large provides you up to the choice of three and the family size, four choices. Servings are generous, filling and so very worth it.

I was a bit hesitant about trying the green tea soba noodle salad only due to the overwhelming amount of edemame beans in it. After having a taste of it though, it quickly became one of my favourites. The combination of the soba noodles with the apples, cucumber and perfectly cooked edemame were perfect. The light ginger and apple (?) dressing tied it all really nicely together.

The same could be said about the four grains salad. Such a great mix of textures and flavours, I get excited when I think about salads at Foxes Den and as I am writing I wouldn’t mind digging into one of them right now.

2015-01-08 Foxes Den (8)Small sized plate: roast sweet potato and brown rice salad: hazelnuts, currants, cilantro and spring onions

At an earlier visit I had also tried their roasted sweet potato salad and liked it a lot as well. The small plate was more than enough to keep me satisfied, while ordering a medium plate put me on the verge of being overly full.

2015-01-08 Foxes Den (9-11)

If you can’t already tell, I really like Foxes Den. It had quickly become my favourite place to go to for salads and a quick but healthy lunch option close to work. I have recommended it to my colleagues and they have all had nothing positive things to say about their salads. I recently bought two family sized packs of their salads to a family barbecue as well, and everyone loved it.

Definitely give them a try. If you don’t leave around the area, Foxes Den has other stores in Port Melbourne and Elwood as well. Just go now!

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