Mr Hubbard, is a large healthy cupboard resembling what appears to be a normal cafe for people on the go. The cafe offers a selection of locally sourced healthy and raw organic homemade vegan treats, seasonal salads and a limited range of breakfast and lunch options to dine in or take with you. And I’m a major fan of anything seasonal, vegan, healthy and containing the words salad and cafe. After many recommendations to check the place out by my colleagues, I decided to pay them a visit during lunch one day.

2015-01-15 Mr Hubbard (2)

2015-01-15 Mr Hubbard (7)

A nice and quiet cafe, the dining space is a small one and seating inside is quite limited. You can sit by the window on stools, or share a table with other strangers in the middle of the floor. Some seats and table were also available outside for those wanting to experience outdoor lunching.

2015-01-15 Mr Hubbard (4b)

To find out what Mr Hubbard has to offer on the day, just take look at their In the Cupboard menu

2015-01-15 Mr Hubbard (9)

Raw vegan slices…mhmmm…

2015-01-15 Mr Hubbard (10)

2015-01-15 Mr Hubbard (12)

My colleague and I were impressed with the friendly service at Mr Hubbard. The guys at the counter really make the extra effort to answer any questions regarding the cafe and any of the food that they serve there.

2015-01-15 Mr Hubbard (15)1/2 quinoa salad with pomegranate and radish and 1/2 tabouli salad with falafel and extra avocado $12.50

The quinoa salad had a really nice dressing made of pomegranate molasses, lemon, olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. It was light, sweet and refreshing.

For those days when you just don’t feel like having what you brought to work for lunch from home, Mr Hubbard would be high contender on my list (with Foxes Den) to grab a satisfying and healthy salad.

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