Many new restaurants are beginning to pop up like daisies among the many laneways and streets of the Melbourne CBD. But among those fresh daisies are also many flowers which have fully blossomed and continued to do so after being opened for many years. One of these little popular hot spots happens to be Red Spice Road, a restaurant that tackles the modern challenges of South East Asian fusion head on to produce delicious food in a dining environment where everyone just feels like one big family.

2014-12-27 Red Spice Road (6)

You wouldn’t be able to tell from the outside, but Red Spice Road is a lot bigger that you would expect once you take a step inside. Red Spice Road houses a bar space for drinks and snacking, a courtyard for some fresh air, a long table dining hall as well as an open circular dining table space.

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Each section creates a different mood to dine in.

And the service was on point. I took my family here for the first time last month and everything went really smoothly.

My parents although initially quite skeptically about dining out in general, actually gave the place their approval.

2014-12-27 Red Spice Road (7)Twice cooked crispy lamb ribs with chilli jam $18.00

We started dinner with a selection of entrees. The twice cooked sounded quite appealing and did not disappoint either. I’m not usually big on lamb, but these ribs were really good and the chilli jam that the crispy ribs were served with was the bomb.

2014-12-27 Red Spice Road (8)Chilli salt school prawns, taro chips, green nam jim dipping sauce $17.00

Crispy like chips the prawns and taro chips were quite nice, but just a little too salty.

2014-12-27 Red Spice Road (10)Tiger beer batter soft shell crab, steamed buns, siracha mayo, herb salad (4 pcs) $38.00

These do it yourself soft shell crab baos did not disappoint. The pickled vegetables added a nice sour taste in contrast to the salted soft shell crab and creamy spicy mayonnaise.

2014-12-27 Red Spice Road (9)Red Duck Curry, Pineapple, lychee $38.00

 I was really looking forward to trying Red Spice Road’s red duck curry and was a little let down by it as opposed to version that Gingerboy makes. Adding pineapple the curry was okay, but could have done without. The duck was tender and the overall dish was nice, but it didn’t have that wow factor I was craving for.

2014-12-27 Red Spice Road (11)Barramundi and banana blossom salad, shallot, lotus root, lemongrass, coconut $36.00

Having never had a cold fish salad before, the barramundi and banana blossom salad was surprising quite refreshing to eat. There wasn’t a fishiness to the dish and the herbs and dressing made the salad quite easy to eat, on its own or with rice.

2014-12-27 Red Spice Road (12)Pan fried snapper fillet, corn and coconut puree, dill, bean shoots and herbs $38.00

 The pan fried snapper fillet seemed more like a western dish garnished with Asian herbs, a creative mish mash of flavours that you wouldn’t normallly have together. The creaminess of the corn and coconut puree was the part of the dish that tied everything together.

2014-12-27 Red Spice Road (13)Macadamia, creamy coconut and mango sorbets, crunch macadamia crumble, kaffir lime sago, passionfruit fluid gel $16.00

 Of course we could not finish the evening without trying any of the desserts. Both my parents ordered the mango dessert and both loved it. It was by far one of the best desserts that they had ever had as it was right up their alley in the ingredients and taste department. Sweet but not too sweet, creamy, chewy and slightly tart, the combination of the textures and tastes work well to help you keep eating the dessert until it’s all finished.

2014-12-27 Red Spice Road (14a)Dessert tasting plate $28.00

Whereas for myself, I just had to try out their dessert tasting plate. From left to right we have the Vietnamese coffee cream caramel, crispy rice dumpling, chocolate and chilli slice,  coconut and mango sorbet with sago and fried banana ice cream. This was dessert tasting plate worth sharing the love around with. Perfect mix in just the right portions to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Most of the dishes we ordered were really good while only a few fell short on flavour for value. The ambience on a Saturday night for dinner was just perfect. Despite what my dad considers to be a long drive just to have dinner, the family all gave Red Spice Road the thumbs up.

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