For this week only or until sold old, T by Luxbite has released a limited range of Valentine’s Day tarts. With a more than very healthy love for pastries,  desserts, and baked goods, I found the selection of limited edition tarts a to be quite the sweet surprise. Oh Luxbite, how you know how to reach this girl’s heart. At T by Luxbite, the tarts concept store features an ever changing selection of tarts but there are some macarons, hot chocolate and sweet spreads to take home.

2015-02-11 T by Luxbite (2)

2015-02-11 T by Luxbite (3,4)

The building itself faces an alleyway just off of Flinder’s Lane and just around the corner from The Grain Store. If you’re ever in the area to have some brunch with friends, why not pop by to buy some treats on the way home as well.  I would visit them more if only they were closer to home.

2015-02-11 T by Luxbite (5)

Special “L” “O” “V” “E” and Emoji Valentine tarts from T by Luxbite for this week only. The tarts look fabulous and are a delight to just look at. Some are just too cute to even eat.

2015-02-11 T by Luxbite (7)

2015-02-11 T by Luxbite (8)

Featuring Emoji, “O”,Yuzu and Kuma tart. These were the four tarts ending up buying from the store to take home.

2015-02-11 T by Luxbite (11)Valentine’s special tart “O” $9.00
Raspberry, Rose, Lychee, Vanilla & Rose Mascarpone Mousse, Vanilla Tart

The “O” tart is a beautiful looking tart. The raspberries were surprising very delicate to touch and quite sweet. The rose and vanilla mousse had a subtle sweetness that didn’t overpower any of the other elements to the tart. There was even a real piece of lychee hidden at the centre of it. Hands down this was my favourite one of all.

2015-02-11 T by Luxbite (12)Emoji $9.00
Mango, Yoghurt, Lime Syrup Soaked White Chocolate Sponge, Chocolate tart

 With a bit of an extra kick from the lime syrup, the mango flavour in contrast to the chocolate tart base was a winner at home for dad.

2015-02-11 T by Luxbite (13)Kuma $9.00
Cookie, Mörk hot chocolate, strawberry, banana, white chocolate milkshake mousse, caramel, chocolate tart

Let’s be honest, the only reason I bought this one was because it was made to look like Rilakkuma. Just kidding. In all honesty this chocolate, cookie, banana and caramel mix was the most decadent one of all. It almost looks like a creme caramel but in tart form.

2015-02-11 T by Luxbite (14)Yuzu $8.50
Raspberry, matcha marshmallow, meringue, baby shiso, vanilla tart

 Very much like the lemon version but coupled with a slight bitterness and extra tartness, that reminds me of kumquats. Decorated with pillowy marshmallows and meringue that just dissolves effortless on your tongue. The yuzu was to no surprise quite tart in contrast to the other three round desserts.

2015-02-11 T by Luxbite (1)

If there’s anything that can be said about T by Luxbite is that, I’ll be coming back for you one day…for sure.

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