Tulip Thai is that kind of restaurant that you would go to when you are looking for a quiet dinner out because you can’t be bothered cooking at home, to order food that reminds you of home cooking but without the washing and cleaning up bit. After running a successful Thai restaurant in Beaconsfield, the own has decided to open it’s second Tulip Thai in Noble Park. The small family owned and operated restaurant emphasizes on providing its customers with authentic Thai food.

2015-02-07 Tulip Thai (2,3)a

Having recently just opened four months ago, the restaurant is still finding its feet in the newly opened location.

Le Boy and I were quite lucky to have been served by the owner himself, who was a pleasure to talk to and who always ensured everything was going smoothly. As part of their opening promotion, we were served roti bread and given rice to go with out meal on the house.

The restaurant has a clean, cool and simple decor with unique framed jade sculpture carvings and embroidered pieces of artwork on display.

2015-02-07 Tulip Thai (6)Sweet and sour vegetables with tofu $11.50

It was a really hot day and I didn’t want to eat anything that was heavy on the digestive system. I opted for the vegetarian sweet and sour stir fry with tofu. The homemade sweet and sour sauce was very different to your typical Chinese flavours. It wasn’t as sweet and had a nice tang to it. There was more than your generous serving of vegetables to make it quite healthy but tasty at the same time.

2015-02-07 Tulip Thai (5,7)Roti bread with peanut sauce (left) $2.00 and Jasmine rice for two (right) $3.00

2015-02-07 Tulip Thai (8)Roast Duck Curry $16.50
An original mild red curry with pineapple, tomatoes, basil

The red duck curry was different to anything I have every had before. It was watery, spicy and had a distinct curry flavour. The duck breast was served as slices to whole chunks of meat. It wasn’t the best, as it was nothing to what I had expected at all. But it wasn’t bad either, just very different.

2015-02-07 Tulip Thai (9)

Dining here has certainly inspired me to make my own version of the sweet and sour vegetables with tofu. The addition of tomatoes and cucumbers to the dish really help cut the thickness of the sauce which can be at time too over powering.

2015-02-07 Tulip Thai (1)

Overall, my overall experience at this new Thai restaurant could be described as pleasant. The service was great and the owner who took our order himself was quite sociable and friendly. The food was nice and great to order to take away when you’re having those I don’t feel like cooking anything nights.

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