SD Marketing Global Pty. Ltd. a marketing company that aims to support Washoku Japanese food culture. I was invited to dine as a guest at Wagaya, a Japanese Izakaya restaurant which has recently opened in a restaurant in Melbourne after its successes in Brisbane and Sydney. To access the restaurant, you must take the lift from Mid City Centre from China town or it’s entrance on 200 Bourke St. Take the elevator to level three and as you step out, you will immediately walk into the restaurant.

2015-01-21 Wagaya (1)

To the left is the counter where you where you will be addressed by someone to take a seat.

2015-01-21 Wagaya (3)

Wagaya spreads itself across two dining floors. The lower area is open for lunch, while this top area was set up for the dinner service. The restaurant seats up to 300 people in its open floor and enclosed dining spaces and provides four private rooms available for booking for those interested in karaoke and dining.

2015-01-21 Wagaya (4)

One of the private dining rooms for karaoke. You can book one of these rooms for a dinner with a singing session to boot.

2015-01-21 Wagaya (5 - )

To order your food, just use the electronic screen at the end of the table to place all your orders. A hard copy of the menu is also provided to make it easier to look through options they have.

2015-01-21 Wagaya (6)Takoyaki $7.50

2015-01-21 Wagaya (8,9)Vegetable roll (left) $4.50 and vegetable hand roll $3.90

The aim for my experience at Wagaya today was to try as much of  variety of food as possible. Le Boy and I started off the night with a few small bites of takoyaki which were really good and some of the vegetarian sushi and hand roll options which were by comparison like buying sushi from a ready to eat sushi shop. The vegetarian sushi and hand roll were both disappointing.

2015-01-21 Wagaya (10)Soy Tonkotsu base ramen $10.00

To soak ourselves up with some good Japanese soul, the tasty ramen broth at Wagaya was full of flavour. The broth was a little salty for my personal liking on it’s own, but just right when combined with everything.

2015-01-21 Wagaya (11,13)Salt and pepper squid (left) $9.10 and Lamb chop (right) $12.00

 Le Boy was given free choice to order whatever he wanted to try as well and went straight for the lamb chops. The salt and pepper squid would remind you almost of the kind you get at yum cha restaurants but not overly fried. The lamp chops on the other hand were really tender, juicy and well seasoned. Le Boy was raving about them all night and ended saving the second piece for the end dinner.

2015-01-21 Wagaya (12)Prawn tempura avocado roll $6.50

The sweet and crispy teriyaki tofu was mouthwatering. Served sizzling on the hot plate, the only thing missing was a bowl of white rice.

2015-01-21 Wagaya (15)Teriyaki tofu $6.50

The highlight dishes of the night for would have to be the teriyaki tofu with the tempura prawn avocado roll in second place and the ramen in third. For Le Boy the lamp chops was his favourite with the ramen and tofu coming second and third.

The evening was enjoyable. We were seated in a private dining booth and left to our own enjoyment. The ordering system at Wagaya is really simple to use and easy to order from. Food comes out as soon as it is available, so you may not have all your entrees served in the right order if you ordered it halfway through after putting a main order through.

Although some may enjoy being served by a waiter, there are times when eating out when you only want to be left on your own. Wagaya is the perfect place that caters for that kind of service. Of course, if you needed someone, all you need to do is call for service on the ordering screen and someone will be with you shortly. Too easy.

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