There is no better way to begin your Mondays than with a healthy diet to kick start your week. When I recently discovered that there was a vegan restaurant on Grattan St just around the corner from the Dental Hospital at Melbourne Uni, I only wished it had been opened earlier back when I was but a uni sprout. Mantra Lounge provides a range of healthy meal deals starting at $7.95 for whatever is available on the day, up to $10.00 meals deals for their more special items. All the food is vegan including the desserts.

2015-03-10 Mantra Lounge (1)

The food at Mantra Lounge is filling and of good value. More importantly it’s also healthy and cruelty free.

2015-03-10 Mantra Lounge (2)

There are seats at outside the building for you to enjoy some fresh air while having your lunch.

2015-03-10 Mantra Lounge (5)

Inside the restaurant is staffed with people who are friendly and overall give off a positive vibe.

2015-03-10 Mantra Lounge (7)

2015-03-10 Mantra Lounge (8)Loaded lasagna meal deal $10.00
w/ mesclun salad mix and cake of the day (date and caramel cake)

I couldn’t resist going for the vegan lasagna simply because I’ve always wanted to see what they would taste like. I can tell you that I was not one bit disappointed. It was creamy and packed full of flavour. To believe that it does not contain any cheese or dairy products makes me want go and start making my own vegan lasagnas as well. I’ve been making vegetarian ones with less cheese, but have yet to make one that is free from cheese or milk.

Mantra Lounge is a great place to chill and have a healthy lunch without blowing your budget. In the afternoon, the surrounding trees provide a lot of cover and shade which is great on those warm days. If I still went to Melbourne Uni, this would be regular lunch spot forĀ  me.

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